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Room of Logs

From Tolkien Gateway

The Room of Logs was a room found in the Cottage of Lost Play on the isle of Tol Eressëa. It was described as having a hearth with a magic fire called the Tale-fire, which burned red and never went out. It was said to help storytellers give their tales. [1]


During the traveler Eriol's stay in the Cottage of Lost Play, the caretakers of the house, Lindo and his wife Vairë took Eriol into the Room of Logs to tell him about the land of Tol Eressëa. There sat Lindo in his chair by the fire, and Vairë at his feet. Alongside them joined many children to listen to the tales of the land as they often did at each thrice sounding of Tombo, the Gong of the Children. [1]


The room was described as having a low ceiling, with many soft rugs and cushions and a deep chair with carven arms and feet. A great hearth was there which burned with the red flamed Tale-fire, which was magic and never went out. [2]

Other Names

The Room of Logs was also called the Room of the Log Fire.[3]