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Scholarship and Fantasy

From Tolkien Gateway
Scholarship and Fantasy: Proceedings of the Tolkien Phenomenon, Turku, May 1992
Publication Information
AuthorKeith Battarbee (ed)
PublisherDepartment of English, University of Turku
Format(Unknown Binding)

Scholarship and Fantasy is a collection of the papers presented at The Tolkien Phenomenon in Turku, Finland, in May 1992.

Contributors and contents

  • Keith Battarbee
    • "Speculative Fiction and Ideology"
  • Luigi de Anna
    • "The Magic of Words: J.R.R. Tolkien and Finland"
  • Helena Rautala
    • "Familiarity and Distance: Quenya's Relation to Finnish"
  • Christina Scull
    • "The Influence of Archaeology and History on Tolkien's Middle-earth"
  • Anders Stenström
    • "Some Notes on Giants in Tolkien's Writings"
  • Andy Orchard
    • "Tolkien, the Monsters, and the Critics: Back to Beowulf"
  • Verlyn Flieger
    • "The Green Man, the Green Knight, and Treebeard: Scholarship and Invention in Tolkien's Fiction"
  • Fredrik Heinemann
    • "Tolkien and Old Icelandic Literature"
  • Paul Bibire
    • "Sægde seþe cuþe: J.R.R. Tolkien as an Anglo-Saxonist"
    • "By Stock or by Stone: Recurrent Imagery and Narrative Pattern in The Hobbit"
  • Colin Duriez
    • "Sub-creation and Tolkien's Theology of Story"
  • Clive Tolley
    • "Tolkien and the Unfinished"
  • David Llewellyn Dodds
    • "Technology and Sub-creation: Tolkien's Alternative to the Dominant Worldview"
  • Vappu Viemerö
    • "Violence and Fantasy"
  • Tom A Shippey
    • "Tolkien as a Post-War Writer"