Shadow in the South

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Shadow in the South
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AuthorChris Stone and Pete Fenlon
PublisherIron Crown Enterprises
FormatSoftcover, stapled
ICE stock no.3900

Shadow in the South is a module (in the Campaign-series) for Middle-earth Role Playing, 1st Edition.

Cover/Jacket Text[edit | edit source]

Enter the mysterious realms of southwestern Middle-earth, a land touched by the black legacies of Morgoth and Sauron, the graceful creations of the Avar Elves, and the fiery passion of the Men of Westernesse. Here, between the Great Sea and the golden spires of the Yellow Mountains, the powerful seafaring Númenórians and their relentless successors warred with the savage Haradrim. Amidst this unceasing struggle, the wild Sedari and Drel people labor to survive and maintain their peculiar cultures. These tribes cannot run from the Shadow in the South, for they reside beyond Far Harad - at the very edge of Middle-earth.

Long-settled yet full of wild shores, dark wood, and rugged mountains, south-western Middle-earth is often referred to as the Dominions of the Seven. It is a place of riches and wonder, of fiercely independent oligarchies challenged by the might of the Storm King and the terror engendered by the Lord of the Rings.


  • 4 FULL-COLOR PAGES covering the region and its three major cities: Ostelor, Arpel, and Ró-molló
  • MAJOR LAYOUTS: painstakingly detailed maps and perspectives of key towns and adventure sites
  • DETAILED INFORMATION on people, places, creatures, treasures, politics, and warcraft found in southwestern Middle-earth
  • STATS AND BACKGROUND INFORMATION for key figures like the Storm King, the foul Ringwraith who commands Sauron's hated Army of the Southern Dragon