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Shiro no Norite

From Tolkien Gateway

Shiro No Norite (Kanji: 白の乗手, "The White Rider") is the Japanese Tolkien Society. Founded in 1981, they have three publications: Elanor, the monthly bulletin; Shiro No Norite, which publishes research, and Kuro No Norite ("The Black Rider"), a journal discussing other fantasy. Unlike some other societies' publications, Shiro No Norite publishes solely in Japanese. It has one smial, Cuiviénen.

In 2011 it showed activity at Shinshu University.[1] A(n) (expected) member wrote about the society on their blog in 2017.[2]

The smial website, which is the only website found, shows no activity after 2018. It is unclear whether this society is now defunct.

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