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Sociedad Tolkien Española

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The Sociedad Tolkien Española (Spanish: "Spanish Tolkien Society"), or STE, is a Tolkien Society based in Spain.


The Society was founded in 1991 in Elche, in view of the coming Centenary, having the first official meeting on 9 February.[1] Its first chairman was José Manuel Ferrández Bru.[2] Although the Executive Committee and its seat is placed in a particular locality, there are many local delegations called "smials".

Ever since 2015, an official podcast releases monthly, called "Regreso a Hobbiton".


The Society publishes the journal Estel twice a year. As of 2023, 99 issues have been published.[3]

The journal Nolmë, more academic, is published irregularly.


Four awards are given out every year:

  • "Niggle", artisanship award, with the categories "Pictoral arts and illustration" and "Other arts".
  • "Ælfwine", essay award (open to English submissions), with the categories "Academic essay" and "Literary-humanities essay".
  • "Gandalf", story award (the oldest, awarded since 1995).
  • "Bilbo", micro-story award.

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