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Stephen John Fry
LifetimeAugust 24, 1957
PortrayedMaster of Lake-town in:
 The Hobbit (film series)

Stephen John Fry (b. August 24, 1957) is an English actor, screenwriter, author, playwright, journalist, poet, comedian, television presenter and film director. He portrayed the Master of Lake-town in The Hobbit (film series).

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Remember the question before the time and they are a threat to Smaug."
― Stephen Fry, YouTube
"I suppose the real biggie is free will. I find it interesting that no one really talks about it: I would say that 98 per cent of all philosophers would agree with me that essentially free will is a myth. It doesn’t exist. That ought to be shocking news on the front of every newspaper. I’m not saying we don’t look both ways before we cross the road; we decide not to leave it to luck as to whether a car is going to hit us. Nor am I saying that we don’t have responsibility for our actions: we have agency over the body in which our minds and consciousness dwell. But we can’t choose our brains, we can’t choose our genes, we can’t choose our parents."
― Stephen Fry, The Sydney Morning Herald

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