Sylvester McCoy

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Sylvester McCoy
Biographical Information
LifetimeAugust 20, 1943
PortrayedRadagast in:
The Hobbit (film series)

Sylvester McCoy (b. August 20, 1943 as Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith) is a Scottish actor. He is best known for playing the seventh incarnation of The Doctor in the Doctor Who series. He portrayed Radagast in The Hobbit (film series).


Well, he's an eccentric old hippie, really - and I was an eccentric young hippie! Now I'm old...maybe I'm still an eccentric hippie. There's a wonderful freedom in the eccentricity - you can go places, you can be wacky and you don't have to be constrained. I think that's why people are eccentric - eccentricity is a weapon...and it's great!

Well, last summer, Peter Jackson, Fran, and Phillippa flew over, and invited me for tea. So they got me a car, and drove over for tea. I thought it was more auditioning, because I’d screentested for it. But when I got there, they said would you play the part? Would I? No! Of course not!


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