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"The flower is described as being bell-like in shape, and could appear in many soft shades, though white seems to have been the most common." - Is this correct? Simbelmynë in Rohan is told to be "like countless stars amid the turf" (LoTR II, Ch. 6), and the white flowers of uilos, that Tuor saw on the road to Gondolin bloomed "like stars" (UT: "Of Tuor...", p. 48 [cf. note 27]). As far as I know, only alfirin sung by Legolas are told to be bell-like, and Christopher Tolkien strongly suspects that he has quite another plant in his mind (UT: "Cirion and Eorl", p. 316 note 38 [cf. p. 303: Elendil's grave]). I would like to agree with CJRT and make two distinct alfirins instead of one. --Tik 17:02, 10 November 2007 (EST)


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