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I've found two Pontos in the Baggins Genealogy. Shouldn't Ponto Baggins[former link] be moved to Ponto I Baggins?

Good eye![edit]

Ah, great catch, I'll have to look into the differences between the two and we'll need to move Ponto Baggins[former link] to Ponto I Baggins

I've gone ahead and done that...
Ponto I is Ponto II's Great-Great-Grandfather (Father of Polo)

Family Tree[edit]

I think this page should have the full Baggins Family Tree similar to that on Bilbo's page. That one is fine, as I've changed it so it only links to Bilbo and Frodo and the two Baggins-branches Chubb-Baggins and Sackville-Baggins

I'm working at the moment on an improvement of Tik's Family Tree, to make it look more like regular family trees (as seen in the article on Bilbo Baggins).

--Earendilyon 11:40, 8 February 2006 (EST)

Well, it's ready! The family realtions are better to see now, in my opinion, --Earendilyon 17:45, 8 February 2006 (EST)

Good Idea[edit]

One thing I want to eventually get around to doing is a family tree for every character. At least show their parents/children with the option of viewing the full tree.