Chubb-Baggins family

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The Chubb-Baggins family was a family created by the wedding of Bilbo Baggins' uncle Bingo Baggins to Chica Chubb. Double surnames were not uncommon in the Shire, and were used when the daughter of the head of the family married. This way, the family name would be preserved.[1]


The Chubb-Bagginses were part of the Baggins family.[2] The figures after the names are those of birth (and death where that is recorded). Names in italics signify those who attended Bilbo's Farewell Party on 22 September S.R. 1401.

Bingo Baggins
Chica Chubb
Falco Chubb-Baggins
Filibert Bolger
Poppy Chubb-Baggins