Falco Chubb-Baggins

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Falco Chubb-Baggins
Falco Chubb-Baggins from The Hobbit (2003 video game)
Biographical Information
LocationThe Shire
BirthS.R. 1303
DeathS.R. 1399 (aged 96)
ParentageBingo Baggins and Chica Chubb
Physical Description
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Falco Chubb-Baggins was a hobbit of the Shire.


He was the son of Bilbo Baggins's uncle Bingo Baggins and Chica Chubb.[1]

He lived a long life, reaching the age of ninety-six, but not quite long enough to attend his cousin's Farewell Party, which was held two years after his death. He was survived by a daughter, Poppy.[1]

Portrayal in adaptations

2003: The Hobbit (2003 video game):

Five portraits are clustered on a wall in Bag End. One of them is Falco, and one of Bilbo's lines when looking at the portraits is "Ah, Cousin Falco!".


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