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The name The Hobbit refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see The Hobbit (disambiguation).
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The Hobbit
Video game
DeveloperInevitable Entertainment (GC, PS2, Xbox)
The Fizz Factor (PC)
Saffire (GBA)
PublisherSierra Entertainment
PlatformGame Boy Advance
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2
Release dateNA: November 11 2003
EU: November 28 2003
GenrePlatform, Adventure

The Hobbit: The Prelude to The Lord of the Rings is a video game published in 2003 by Vivendi and Sierra Entertainment. It is a platform game set up around the events in The Hobbit. It is the second interactive adaptation after Melbourne House's 1982 version.

Voice cast[edit]

Role Actor
Bilbo Baggins Michael Beattie
Gandalf the Grey Jim Ward
Narrator Tom Kane
Smaug James Horan
Thorin Clive Revill
Gollum Daran Norris

These six were the only actors whose roles were specified on the game's credits; all others were simply called "Additional voice talent". Some of these can be identified:

Wicked Grey DeLisle
Kíli Alister Duncan
Lianna Jennifer Hale
Bombur Daran Norris
Ugslap, Bard André Sogliuzzo
Carl Sandyman James Arnold Taylor
Balfor Wally Wingert
Additional voices Andrew Ableson
Additional voices Robin Atkin Downes
Additional voices Dee Bradley Baker
Additional voices Nathan Carlson
Additional voices Cam Clarke
Additional voices Kathryn Cressida
Additional voices Rob Dean
Additional voices Michael Ensign
Additional voices Brian George
Additional voices Michael Gough
Additional voices Candi Milo
Additional voices Oliver Muirhead
Additional voices Patrick Pinney
Additional voices Victor Raider-Wexler
Additional voices Joshua Seth
Additional voices Jane Singer
Additional voices Kath Soucie
Additional voices Steve Staley




During the dwarves' visit to Bag End, Bilbo falls asleep and dreams he is at the Battle of Five Armies. Bilbo has no health and is invincible in this level; this level is designed to get the player used to the controls.

An Unexpected Party[edit]

Bilbo is sent to the Green Dragon, but first he must collect provisions for Bombur and do different jobs for various Hobbits.

Roast Mutton[edit]

Bilbo is sent to investigate a fire-light. This stage introduces the first enemies: wolves, frog-like creatures and at last, Bill, Tom and Bert. The last task involves sneaking past the Trolls.


Bilbo must explore the troll cave and find the troll key, needed to open the cave. It is learned that the Witch-king of Angmar built many caves in the area (when it was still known as Rhudaur), and many of his minions still lurk there. He finds Lianna, an Elf of Mirkwood, and a dagger, which he names Sting.

Over Hill and Under Hill[edit]

After visiting Elrond, Thorin and Company make for the Mountains. Bilbo is sent to find fire-wood, but ends up battling wolves and other weird creatures, and dodge stone-slinging Giants.

Riddles in the Dark[edit]

After being caught by goblins, Bilbo is separated from the rest of the Company. This level introduces Goblin-town as a Dwarf-mine, complete with lifts and a rollercoaster mine cart track. In this level, Bilbo meets Balfor, a Dwarf of the Iron Hills, and Ugslap, the Goblin guard. The level ends with Bilbo finding the Ring.

At this point, an animation starts, depicting the riddle game, followed by a story board telling of Bilbo's reuniting with the Dwarves. A second animation depicts the hiding in the trees and the rescue by the Eagles. The narrator then summarizes the story from the drop off at the edge of Mirkwood (Beorn is omitted at this stage) to the capture of the Dwarves by the spiders.

Flies and Spiders[edit]

Bilbo is lost and must find his way through a spider infested Mirkwood (in which he has to fight many poisonous spiders, as well as "minions of the Necromancer"). He meets Corwin, a man of Lake-town, whose camp was attacked. Bilbo can retrieve his brother's ring for him. After that, he must rescue the dwarves from being eaten by the three giant spiders Wrath, Wicked and Wild.

Barrels Out of Bond[edit]

Bilbo and the dwarves are not safe out of Mirkwood yet. The dwarves are captured by elves and Bilbo must find a way to rescue them as well as a way to escape, while avoiding being seen by elves. This level introduces the extensive use of the Ring. After entering the halls, Bilbo meets Lianna again, who will help him. Bilbo must find the Dwarves and herbs to drug Galion, and battle the frog-like creatures and more spiders. From conversations Bilbo picks up when passing Elves the White Council is mentioned: they finally attacked Dol Guldur.

A Warm Welcome[edit]

Bilbo manages to put the Dwarves in barrels, and escapes to Lake-town. In Laketown, Bard and Calamar, the Master of Lake-town, recruit Bilbo for more burgling and spying. He must stop a crime syndicate of Lake-men and Orcs, who have stolen the Black Arrow. All Dwarves are scattered around Lake-town, and many of them appear for their first time here.

Inside Information[edit]

After leaving the Long Lake, Bilbo finds the secret entrance. After nerveracking sneaking, Bilbo manages to steal the Cup of Thrór from right under Smaug's nose. Smaug notices and is less than pleased, and Thorin sends Bilbo back to find the dragon's weak spot. After Bilbo shows off to "Smaug the Magnificent" and declares himself "Barrel-rider", Smaug confronts Bilbo, and heads off to Lake-town, where he meets his demise. With the Dragon gone, Bilbo must find several items - the Necklace of Girion, the spears of Bladorthin, the Ruby of Gróin and a golden serving dish. After that, he must bridge a chasm by flooding it.

The Gathering of the Clouds[edit]

In the Lonely Mountain, Thorin has only one task for Bilbo: finding the Arkenstone. Several rune-puzzles require solving before Bilbo has to go to the Treasury, the Forge, the Gear Room and the Water Room. Though there is an entrance to the Old Treasuries, Bilbo cannot go there because it stinks too much of Dragon. After creating a new key, Bilbo finds the Arkenstone. Picking it up ends the level.

The narrator introduces the next problem: the Men and Elves. Bilbo sneaks off and gives the Arkenstone to Thranduil and Bard, and for that, he is cursed by Thorin. When Dáin Ironfoot arrives, all seems to end in battle. But a flash of lightning marks the return of Gandalf, who informs them of Goblins.

The Clouds Burst[edit]

This level is the Battle of Five Armies. Bilbo, who stands with Gandalf and Thranduil on Ravenhill, volunteers to bring a message to Bard; he is about to be attacked in the rear. During his trip he must save Corwin, and on Lianna sends him to find Beorn. After a short rampage, Beorn is captured, and Bilbo must free him by kicking over several barrels. After freeing Beorn, the game is finished: Beorn kills Bolg, who sits on a giant warg on an inaccessible dias.

After this, the narrator starts the epilogue. Laketown is rebuilt, Bilbo gets a reward, and walks home with Beorn and Gandalf. Neither the auction of Bag End nor the visit of Balin are featured.

Original characters[edit]

  • Lianna: An elf of Thranduil's Hall in Mirkwood, Bilbo must heal her in the Troll Cave. She eventually helps Bilbo escape from Thranduil's Hall, and later fights in the Battle of Five Armies.
  • Corwin: A sad, heartbroken woodsman from Lake-town. Bilbo meets him, and he says he is the only survivor of an attack of the spiders on his camp. He helps Bilbo get through an immensely thick web. He reappears in the last level as a combatant in the Battle of Five Armies.
  • Balfor: A dwarf of the Iron Hills who has been made a slave of the goblins. They force him to work the dwarf-built mining contraptions. Bilbo rescues him and Balfor tells him how to escape. Unlike Lianna or Corwin, he is not shown to participate in the Battle of Five Armies.
  • Ugslap: A Goblin who is the guard of Balfor. After doing some chores for him in the assumption that it will free Balfor, Ugslap betrays Bilbo, which leads to his untimely death.

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