The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

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The Lord of the Rings: Conquest
Video game
DeveloperPandemic Studios
PublisherEA Games
PlatformPC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS
Release datePAL: January 9 2009
NA: January 13, 2009

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest is the last video game set in Middle-earth that was made by Electronic Arts. It was developed by Pandemic Studios for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo DS consoles. Weta Digital worked alongside Pandemic, and has provided several digital models for them to use, including the fell beasts.


Good Campaign

The Good Campaign begins at the Battle of the Last Alliance as a training stage, and continues with loosely-based settings from the films, such as the Battle of Isengard as an Ent, Gandalf fighting Saruman in Orthanc, battling the Balrog in the Mines of Moria, battling the Nazgûl as Faramir while protecting Frodo, and fighting inside Minas Morgul. There is also a mission that has Gimli and his attempts to take back Moria.

Evil Campaign

The Evil Campaign begins immediately in an alternate universe, where the Nazgûl have just killed Frodo and stopped him from destroying the One Ring. Players will have the chance to fight as Oliphaunts at Minas Tirith, as Trolls at Helm's Deep, as the Balrog, as the Nazgûl against Aragorn at Weathertop, against the Shire, and lastly, as Sauron himself against Rivendell.

Playable Characters




Map Modes
Amon Hen "Conquest", "Team Deathmatch", "Capture the Ring"
Battle of the Last Alliance "Conquest", "Team Deathmatch", "Capture the Ring"
Black Gate "Conquest", "Hero Team Deathmatch"
Citadel of Minas Tirith "Team Deathmatch", "Capture the Ring"
Helm's Deep "Conquest", "Team Deathmatch"
Minas Morgul "Conquest", "Capture the Ring", "Hero Team Deathmatch"
Minas Tirith "Conquest", "Team Deathmatch"
Moria "Team Deathmatch", "Capture the Ring"
Mount Doom "Conquest", "Capture the Ring", "Hero Team Deathmatch"
Osgiliath "Conquest", "Team Deathmatch"
Pelennor Fields "Conquest", "Team Deathmatch", "Capture the Ring"
The Shire "Conquest", "Capture the Ring", "Team Deathmatch"
Weathertop "Conquest", "Team Deathmatch"


Actor Role
Hugo Weaving Elrond
Andrew Dawson Gothmog, Mouth of Sauron, Gondorian Officer
Chris Edgerly Aragorn, Rohan Officer 2
Crispin Freeman Legolas, Young Male Hobbit
Brian George Theoden, Elven Officer 2, Old Hobbit Male
Kim Mai Guest Éowyn, Young Female Hobbit, Old Female Hobbit
Gavin Hammon Rohan Officer 1, Ringwraith
Martin Jarvis Gandalf
Bob Joles Gimli, Treebeard, Uruk-Hai Officer 1
Kevin Killebrew Orc Officer 3
Jonathan Lipow Witch-king
Yuri Lowenthal Frodo, Elven Officer 3, Rohan Officer 3
Scott McShane Uruk-Hai Officer 3
Paul Mercier Faramir, Evil Human Officer 3, Gondorian Officer 3
Nolan North Evil Human Officer 2, Gondorian Officer 2
Jon Olson Sauron, Lurtz, Orc Officer 2
Alan Shearman Evil Human Officer 1
Kirk Thornton Gríma Wormtongue
David Shaughnessy Orc Officer 1
Lloyd Sherr Saruman
Robert Wisdom Uruk-Hai Officer 2
Michael Yurchak Elven Officer 1


Howard Shore's tracks from the film are also included in the game. The following tracks are used with license:

  • "The Shadow Of The Past"
  • "At The Sign Of The Prancing Pony"
  • "Flight To The Ford"
  • "A Knife In The Dark"
  • "The Bridge Of Khazad Dum"
  • "Amon Hen"
  • "The Ring Goes South"
  • "Ash And Smoke"
  • "Minas Tirith"
  • "The White Tree"
  • "The Fields Of Pelennor"
  • "Hope and Memory"
  • "Minas Morgul"
  • "The Ride Of The Rohirrim"
  • "The Black Gate Opens"
  • "The End Of All Things"
  • "Foundations Of Stone"
  • "The Passage Of The Marshes"
  • "The Uruk‑Hai"
  • "The King Of The Golden Hall"
  • "The White Rider"
  • "Helm's Deep"
  • "Forth Eorlingas"
  • "The Taming of Smeagol"
  • "Isengard Unleashed"

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