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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (extended edition) is an extended version of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. It has 30 minutes of additional footage added back into the film (bringing its total running time up to 208 minutes), as well as multiple documentaries about the making of the film as supplements.

This edition was brought from the success of the theatrical cut of the film, and it was released on DVD November 12, 2002 along with four commentaries and hours of supplementary material. It was so successful that the sequels were each given similar releases. Its main feature is that, instead of simply inserting the deleted scenes, Peter Jackson approached this edition as if he were creating a whole new version of the film. He and the editor, John Gilbert, evaluated the unreleased material and worked to bring it up to the same polish as the rest of the feature. Visual effects were completed, dialogue was recordered, sound effects were created and, to make sure all of the scenes flowed, Howard Shore composed and recorded new score along with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Special Extended Edition - Part One (disc 1)[edit]

The first disc contains the extended version of the film with the following audio commentaries:

New Scenes[edit]

Extended Scenes[edit]

Special Extended Edition - Part Two (disc 2)[edit]

This disc is a continuation of the first disc.

New Scenes[edit]

Extended Scenes[edit]

The Appendices: Part One - From Book to Vision (disc 3)[edit]

  • Introduction
  • "J.R.R. Tolkien: Creator of Middle-Earth" Documentary
  • "From Book To Script" Documentary
  • "Storyboards and Pre-Viz" Featurettes
  • "Designing Middle-Earth" Documentary
  • "Weta Workshop" Documentary
  • "Costume Design" Documentary
  • "The Peoples of Middle-Earth" galleries with audio
  • "The Realms Of Middle-Earth" galleries with audio
  • "Middle-Earth Atlas: Tracing the Journeys of the Fellowship" interactive map
  • "New Zealand as Middle-earth" interactive map with on-location footage

The Appendices: Part Two - From Vision to Reality (disc 4)[edit]

  • Introduction
  • "The Fellowship of the Cast" Documentary
  • "A Day in the Life of a Hobbit" Documentary
  • "Cameras In Middle-Earth" Documentary
  • "Big-atures" Documentary
  • "Weta Digital" Documentary
  • "Scale" Documentary
  • Production photos, gallery
  • "Editorial: Assembling an Epic" Documentary
  • "Digital Grading" Documentary
  • "Music For Middle-Earth" Documentary
  • "The Soundscapes Of Middle-Earth" Documentary
  • "The Road Goes Ever On..." Documentary

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