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Can horses swim the Brandywine? The Fellowship of the Ring, 112 the question of whether ornot horses can cross the Brandywine River comes up at Buckleberry Ferry. We know that at least 1 hobbitpony can ride the ferry, as Merry takes his across on it when he searches for Frodo who is late to arrive; but theredoesn’t seem to be an ability for them, either ponies or horses, to swim it at this point, they must go up to the Bridge or down to Sarn Ford, as Merry’s response to Frodo is: “Can horses cross the river?” “They can go twenty miles north to Brandywine Bridge - or they might swim,” answered Merry, “Though I never heard of any horse swimming the Brandywine.” --- but I really screw up the page when I do it. --Unsigned comment by NWRinger2 (talk • contribs). [Deb White]

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