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Different Cottages[edit source]

According to the Book of Lost Tales Part 1, in the chapter "The Cottage of Lost Play", the city of Kôr in Valinor was located near to a place of gardens where a white cottage was located. Children came there using the Path of Dreams. The text says "No one, 'tis said, dwelt in the cottage", but children came to play in it. "This was the Cottage of the Children, or of the Play of Sleep, and not of Lost Play, as has been wrongly said in song among Men - for no play was lost then, and here alas only and now is the Cottage of Lost Play." Later, following the poems in the chapter, Christopher Tolkien writes "It is notable that the poem was called The Cottage, or The Little House of Lost Play, whereas what is described is the Cottage of the Children in Valinor", and he acknowledges the earlier (quoted) statements of Vairë. Following this he says he will "not attempt any analysis or offer any elucidation of the ideas embodied in the 'Cottages of the Children'." Cottage of Lost Play in the index includes the "other names" "Cottage of the Children, of the Children of the Earth, of the Play of Sleep; House of Lost Play; House of Memory". It seems that the Cottage of Lost Play (Mar Vanwa Tyaliéva) was located in Kortirion on the Lonely Isle, and a separate Cottage of the Children/of the Play of Sleep was in Valinor near Kôr, but there is some confusion and blurring of the lines between the two "Cottages of the Children". I am not sure if something should be done here: Should each have a separate article? Or should both be included here, or under a Cottages of the Children article? Anyone have any suggestions/input? Thank you! --Grace18 00:01, 30 November 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]