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[edit] Lembas Extra

In fact, Lembas and Lembas Extra are two different animals altogether (although that is going to change in a few weeks time ...). Officially, the first two issues of Lembas Extra were not even published by Unquendor. So I´m not quite happy that the list of Lembas Extra issues has appeared in the article for Lembas, without even explaining the relation and the difference between the two. Obviously, since the list was taken from the Tolkien Collectors Guide, the information in the two separate articles there was known, so I find the decision to incorporate information from the Lembas Extra article there in the Lembas article here all the more puzzling.

I think the information from both TCG articles merits inclusion here as two separate articles - adapted to the TG style. And, for the record, I wrote nearly every word in those TCG articles and I have no objection to them reappearing here and being subjected to the usual wiki-editing. I certainly have no quibbles with the work Morgan has been doing on the list of Lembas Extra issues.

[P.S. Just as it is incorrect to call the Tolkien Society Forodrim the ‘Swedish Tolkien Society’ or the ‘Stockholm Tolkien Society’, it is incorrect to call the Tolkien Society Unquendor the ‘Dutch Tolkien Society’. Since the AGM of 2008 decided on the official English usage of the name, the use of ‘Dutch Tolkien Society’ or ‘Dutch Tolkien Society Unquendor’ is not allowed, only the clarification “Tolkien Society Unquendor in the Netherlands” is. Although it is de facto the only Tolkien society in the Netherlands, it doesn’t claim or aspire to a monopoly. (This does of course not change the subtitle with which Tolkien and the Spirit of the Age was published in 1987.)]

Mithrennaith 03:05, 14 July 2010 (UTC)