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I think this page should be improved with more information regarding the rights of these two books The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.Am I right or not?User:Γιάννης Ευαγγελίου 22:04, 14 October 2022 (UTC)

Should this page be renamed to Licensing Timeline instead of just Licensing, as it is now, or not? If not, then why?----User:Γιάννης Ευαγγελίου, 12:50, 20 October 2022 (UTC)

The article is not meant to be a mere timeline, but to deal with licensing matters in general. Please, do not move articles without general approval; if nobody answered was because there is no interest on having it moved. Never move articles via copypasting. --LorenzoCB (talk) 14:23, 6 February 2023 (UTC)