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What it comes to the year of birth of Maglor (and other sons of Fëanor), I wouldn't mention the year Y.T. 1497: their father was born in Y.T. 1179 (Annals of Aman §78, HoME X, p. 92), and they were first mentioned in annals in Y.T. 1490 when they followed their father Fëanor to exile to Formenos (Annals of Aman §99, HoME X, p. 96). They were quite probably born much closer to the year Y.T. 1179 (in "Of the Laws and Customs among the Eldar" it is told that they usually married soon after their fiftieth year and "their time of generation was in their youth and earlier life" (HoME X, p. 210. 212). Fëanor and Nerdanel were a unique exception with their seven children but still the terminus ante quem is clearly Y.T. 1490. --Tik 10:09, 9 October 2016 (UTC)