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I think the 1st § should be rewritted :

"Petty-dwarves differed from normal Dwarves in various ways: they were smaller, far more unsociable, and they freely gave away their names: other Dwarves kept their Khuzdul names a secret. This may have been one of the reasons they were exiled.[1]"

1) Where is the mention that Mîm, Ibun... are their real names ? And this custom is attested only for the Longbeards (cf LOTR, App F-1 and HOME 12, chap. X, p. 304). This custom can be only when Dwarves have neighbours of other races, which they deal with, witch seems not to be really in place before the coming of the Noldor. (cf "it was one of their grievances against the Eldar that they had hunted and slain their lesser kin, who had settled in Beleriand before the Elves came there. HOME 11 Quendi & Eldar App B"

2) In HOME 11 Quendi & Eldar App B : "the descendants of Dwarves who had left or been driven our from the Communities, being deformed or undersized, or slothful and rebellious." + "By their own account they were fugitives, driven into the wilderness by their own kin further east" + in NOME part 3 chap 7 : "Dwarves, of the strange and sinister kind known as the Petty Dwarves: in origin, as was later known, descended from Dwarves banished for evil deeds from the great mansions of their kind." The reason why these dwarves get out of their home is quiet clear here.

I suggest : "Petty-dwarves differed from normal Dwarves in various ways: they were smaller and far more unsociable. It is said that they were the descendants of Dwarves who had left their communities as fugitives for some evil deeds, or been driven out, being deformed, undersized, slothful or rebellious." Erendis 09:31, 7 May 2022 (UTC)ErendisReply[reply]

1) You should ask Fauskanger about that; maybe he assumed those were their real names because Mîm does indeed share freely the Khuzdul names of their locations.
2) It's fine for me, go ahead. --LorenzoCB 10:07, 7 May 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
1) "Khazad-dûm" was never a secret name :) Erendis 10:26, 7 May 2022 (UTC)ErendisReply[reply]