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Talk:The Shadow of the Past

Discussion page of The Shadow of the Past
Latest comment: 28 June 2023 by Headrock in topic Complete Summary Rewrite
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Complete Summary Rewrite

I've just finished a complete rewrite of the chapter summary.

Before this, the entire chapter was summarized in four or five paragraphs, and was extremely condensed. Many details that are pertinent to the rest of the story were completely left out, in favour of succinctness.

Said succinctness seemed very excessive to me, especially given that this chapter is almost entirely comprised of exposition about the book's central concepts. Nevertheless, in expanding the summary to include this information, it has become roughly a quarter to a third as long as the original text of the chapter itself.

I've made an effort to leave out anything I could, but it may or may not be too long now - and I am not proficient in reduction. It would probably be best to discuss the length of the new summary, in order to come to a consensus about its length and to point out any parts that could be omitted without losing coherence (both within this article and with the remainder of the book's narrative).

As a side note: I've left the word "ring" uncapitalized in the summary of the previous chapter and the early part of this one; but as soon as its true nature is revealed by Gandalf, it is thereafter to be capitalized here and in all subsequent chapter summaries - since it is now The Ring. --Headrock (talk) 06:34, 28 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]