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In addition to the discussion concerning the Years of the Lamps, there is a problem in this template, methinks. The heading "Valian Years" is problematic because the term does not refer to a period but is a unit of time, the length of one year during the Years of the Trees: one day of the Trees lasted 7 z 12 = 84 solar hours and one year of the Trees (= Valian Year / Year of the Valar) lasted 7 x 12.000 = 84.000 solar years which makes one Valian Year 84.000 / 8766 = 9,582 solar years. (see J.R.R. Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien (ed.), Morgoth's Ring, "Part Two. The Annals of Aman", p. 59-60). The same unit of time was used in the Annals to counte the years before the Trees to make the length of that period comprehensible even if before the Trees in Arda seemingly existed no natural phenomenon as a basis for counting the time. Only the Valar knew (see [[MR|Annals}}, p. 51). --Tik 18:52, 24 February 2021 (UTC) 59-70