The Antioch Review Winter 2015

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The Antioch Review (Volume 73, Number 1
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EditorRobert S. Fogarty
ReleasedWinter 2015
FormatAcademic journal

The Antioch Review (Winter 2015, Volume 73, Number 1) includes the article "A Song for J.R.R. Tolkien" by Sue Parman. In her article, Parman includes quotations from a letter she received from J.R.R. Tolkien in 1964.[1]

In her youth, Parman adapted some of Tolkien's poetry to music and sent him a recording on tape. On 6 June 1964, Tolkien sent her a handwritten letter:

“Mr. Tolkien thanked me for the tape of the songs I’d made from his poems. He regretted that he couldn’t play it because he lacked the proper machine, and wouldn’t be at home when I arrived in England (his wife’s illness required him to go ‘in search of less damp and more warmth’), but the address on Sandfield Road in Oxford would find him eventually”… I re-read Mr. Tolkien’s letter and noticed a few lines I hadn’t paid much attention to before: ‘Also after a period of severe troubles, and personal illness, I am more than short on time, and behind with various contracts. I am also to add to my difficulties at present without a secretary.’”

Parman also received another letter from Tolkien, dated 20 May 1965, typed, and signed by Tolkien's secretary.[2]

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