The Battle of Maldon

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The Battle of Maldon
The Battle of Maldon.png
EditorE.V. Gordon
PublisherLondon: Methuen
Released10 June 1937
SeriesMethuen's Old English Library

The Battle of Maldon is an edition of the Old English poem The Battle of Maldon. In his Preface, editor E.V. Gordon notes that J.R.R. Tolkien "read the proofs", made "corrections and contributions", and offered solutions "to many textual and philological problems" (p. vi).

From the inside flap[edit]

This is the first edition of The Battle of Maldon to be taken from the transcript of John Elphinston, which has only recently been identified. The misreadings in Hearne's print, from which all previous editions have been taken, are here eliminated, and an attempt has been made to provide historical background and a literary evaluation of the poem. The broken text and over punctuation of most Old English poems have also been avoided by the editor, and the lines are printed in one, with no extra spacing. The text contains one photograph and a map of the battlefield.