The Book of Fairy Poetry

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The Book of Fairy Poetry
AuthorEdited by Dora Owen
IllustratorWarwick Goble
PublisherLondon: Longmans, Green & Co

The Book of Fairy Poetry is a collection of poems and tales involving fairies, edited by Dora Owen and illustrated by Warwick Goble. It had its first edition in 1920. On Part III ("Fairyland and Fairy Lore"), on pages 177-178, J.R.R. Tolkien's poem Goblin Feet is included. Other works included are drawn from some of the great names of English literature, such as William Shakespeare, Alfred Tennyson, Sir Walter Scott, Christina Rossetti, John Milton, Robert Louis Stevenson, William Yeats, and John Keats.

And the padding feet of many gnomes a-coming! by Warwick Goble

Goblin Feet in this publication featured an illustration by Warwick Goble: "And the padding feet of many gnomes a-coming!". This was the first time Tolkien's published writings were illustrated.[1]

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