The Children of Húrin, Op. 48 (Album)

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Artwork from the CD release with permission from Ted Nasmith.

Complete Demo Recording of composer Paul Corfield Godfrey's operatic work The Children of Húrin, Op. 48 (Opera) from his cycle Epic Scenes from The Silmarillion after the mythology of J. R. R. Tolkien recorded by Volante Opera Productions and released by Prima Facie on CD and digital download in 2020.


Morgoth, the enemy (Bass): Laurence Cole

Húrin Thalion, Lord of the House of Hador (Spoken): Julian Boyce

Túrin, his son (Tenor): Simon Crosby Buttle

Morwen Eledhwen, wife of Húrin (Mezzo-Soprano): Helen Greenaway

Saeros, a councillor of Doriath (Tenor): Michael Clifton-Thompson

Mablung of the Heavy Hand, a Captain of Doriath (Bass): Stephen Wells

Beleg Cúthalion, a Captain of Doriath (Baritone): Philip Lloyd-Evans

Gwindor, a Lord of Nargothrond (Baritone): Julian Boyce

Finduilas, daughter of the King of Nargothrond (Soprano): Emma Mary Llewellyn

Glaurung, first and greatest of dragons (Bass): George Newton-Fitzgerald

Niënor, daughter of Húrin (Soprano): Angharad Morgan

Dorlas, a woodsman of Brethil (Tenor): Michael Clifton-Thompson

Brandir, Lord of the men of Brethil (Baritone): Philip Lloyd-Evans

Chorus of unseen voices and peoples of Doriath, Nargothrond and Brethil:

Angharad Morgan/Emma Mary Llewellyn/Louise Ratcliffe/Helen Greenaway/

Michael Clifton-Thompson/Simon Crosby Buttle/Julian Boyce/Jasey Hall

Track Listing[edit | edit source]

Disc: 1[edit | edit source]

1 Prologue: I am the Elder King
2 Scene One: Morwen the wife of Húrin remained alone, silent in grief
3 Who knows now the counsels of Morgoth?
4 It is hard, Túrin my son
5 Scene Two: And Morwen gave birth to her child
6 The King must judge these deeds
7 Then all was searched and told
8 Scene Three: So Beleg departed from Doriath
9 The storm rode up out of the west
10 Who are you?
11 Scene Four: Thus did Túrin come to Nargothrond
12 And Finduilas, daughter of Orodreth the King
13 Gwindor, dear friend, you are falling back into sadness
14 Daughter of the King, let no grief lie between us
15 For I love you, Gwindor, and I am ashamed that I love you not more
16 Scene Five: Then the warriors of Nargothrond went forth
17 Leaves fall from the trees in a cold wind
18 Scene Six: Then Morwen was distraught and she rode forth with Niënor
19 Thus the ladies were lost

Disc: 2[edit | edit source]

1 Scene Seven: Prelude
2 Who are you, and what do you here?
3 All my deeds and past days
4 Scene Eight: Around the gloom gathers; darkness grows across the sea
5 And all things that she saw seemed new to her and strange
6 Scene Nine: Though all to ruin fell the world
7 When dusk falls, we must creep to the river
8 Niniel, fear not the worst
9 Have you seen her?
10 Hail, Anglachel, Iron of Death!
11 Epilogue: Funeral March
12 You have come at last