The Council of Westmarch

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The Council of Westmarch (abbreviated as "CofW") is a Montana-based (USA) smial of The Tolkien Society. The CofW meets regularly for active and engaging discussion of Tolkien's works. Meetings usually involve Council business, book discussion, and trivia for which there are prizes. The group also has annual celebratory events, fundraisers, and annual public lectures on Tolkien-related topics. The Council of Westmarch is the only smial in Montana and the surrounding states.


The origins of the group date to 2007, when the first "A Party of Special Magnificence" (APoSM), a party with food and drink, games, prizes, gift-giving, trivia, special viewings, etc., was held. APoSM continued annually (except for 2009) until 2011. The founder of APoSM, Daniel Funderhide, then re-organized the group into The Council of Westmarch. It was officially integrated as a smial of The Tolkien Society in 2015. The founder, Daniel Funderhide, is now the president of the CofW.

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