The Fall of Gondolin, Op.49 (Album)

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Artwork from the CD release with permission of Ted Nasmith.

Complete Demo Recording of composer Paul Corfield Godfrey's operatic work The Fall of Gondolin, Op.49 (Opera) from his cycle Epic Scenes from The SIlmarillion after the mythology of J. R. R. Tolkien recorded by Volante Opera Productions and released by Prima Facie on CD and digital download in 2018.


Ulmo, Lord of the Waters (Bass):  Martin Lloyd

Turgon, the King of Gondolin (Bass):  George Newton-Fitzgerald

Aredhel, his sister (Mezzo-Soprano):  Louise Ratcliffe

Eöl, a dark Elf (Baritone):  Julian Boyce

Maeglin, son of Eol and Aredhel (Bass-Baritone):  Stephen Wells

Ecthelion, Captain of the Guard of Gondolin (Baritone):  Philip Lloyd-Evans

Tuor son of Huor, a mortal man (Tenor):  Simon Crosby Buttle

Voronwë, a mariner of Gondolin (Baritone):  Julian Boyce

Idril Celebrindal, Daughter of Turgon (Soprano):  Anitra Blaxhall

Morgoth, the enemy (Bass):  Laurence Cole

Chorus of unseen voices and people of Gondolin:

Anitra Blaxhall/Emma Mary Llewellyn/Louise Ratcliffe/Helen Greenaway/

Michael Clifton-Thompson/Simon Crosby Buttle/Julian Boyce/Laurence Cole

Track Listing[edit | edit source]

Disc: 1[edit | edit source]

1 Prologue: Sing Us A Tale Of Earendil The Wandering
2 Now Shalt Thou Go To Gondolin, Turgon
3 Scene One: And Turgon Rose
4 But Aredhel Wearied Of The Guarded City
5 So Aredhel Rode Abroad
6 Scene Two: But The Trees Of Nan Elmoth
7 You Are Of The House Of Eol, Maeglin
8 Scene 3 And, Driven By Anger And Despair
9 I Rejoice Indeed That My Sister Has Returned
10 Welcome, Kinsman; For So I Hold You
11 Scene Four: Huor The Brother Of Hurin
12 And At That Hour The Sun Went Down
13 Rise, Son Of Huor
14 Instrumental: Storm Music
15 Hail, Veronwe! I Await You
16 Often I Have Vowed

Disc: 2[edit | edit source]

1 In A Dim And Perilous Region
2 Fell Is This Frost
3 Scene Six: This Is Strange In You, Voronwe
4 Rejoice That You Have Found
5 Instrumental: Wedding March
6 Scene Seven: There Elven Lights
7 Scene Eight: I Am Maeglin
8 Scene Nine : Ilu Iluvatar
9 Morgoth Is Upon Us!
10 Ah! Woe Is Me
11 The Fume Of The Burning
12 Then A Green Turf Came There
13 Epilogue: I Know A Window In A Western Tower
14 Oh Happy Mariner