The First Ring

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The First Ring is 2009 collection of Tolkien-inspired music, compiled by the French fan Fabien Simonetti and the musician Alex Wieser. The CD was released as a limited edition of 1000 copies.[1]


  1. "Fangorn" (by Uruk-Hai/Alex Wieser)
  2. "Oh Great Spirit" (by Manwe/Alex Wieser)
  3. "Cold Blue Skies" (by Eithel Ivrin)
  4. "The Parting" (by Ainulindalë)
  5. "Mormegil" (by Galadhrim)
  6. "Laketown" (by Herc)
  7. "Cuivienen" (by Fauns)
  8. "Aragorn" (by Yak)
  9. "Once We Were Kings" (by Númenor)
  10. "Sauron Was Here" (by Faangrull)
  11. "Grond" (by Minhyriath)
  12. "Cirith Ungol" (by Jim Kirkwood)

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