The Oxford Inklings: Lewis, Tolkien and Their Circle

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The Oxford Inklings: Lewis, Tolkien and Their Circle
Publication Information
AuthorColin Duriez
PublisherLion Books
Released15 January 2015

The Oxford Inklings: Lewis, Tolkien and Their Circle, written by Colin Duriez, is a biographical book about the Inklings and J.R.R. Tolkien.

From the publisher

The Inklings were an influential group of writers, along the lines of the Lake Poets or the Bloomsbury Group, centred on C S Lewis and J R Tolkien, who met regularly in the pubs of St Giles, Oxford, to read and discuss their latest writings. Acclaimed authorColin Duriez explores their lives, their writings, their ideas and crucially the influence they had on each other. Examining the clear purpose behind the group while celebrating its diversity and lack of formality, Colin Duriez explains how this eclectic group of friends, without formal membership, agenda or minutes, could have a programme that shaped the publications and ideas of the leading participants. Who else was involved with the Inklings, and why do Owen Barfield and Charles Williams matter so much? What difference did World War 2 make to the group, and why did they eventually stop meeting?
The Oxford Inklings explores the group's complex and fascinating interactions, and includes the women on the fringes such as Dorothy L Sayers and Lewis's wife, Joy Davidman, Duriez also considers the Christian faith of the defining members, which influenced them greatly.
This unique account of one of history's most intriguing literary groups will find itself on the reading list of every serious Inklings, Lewis or Tolkien fan.