Tolkien's Gedling

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Tolkien's Gedling - 1914: The Birth of a Legend
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AuthorAndrew H. Morton and John Hayes
PublisherBrewin Books
Released31 March 2008

Tolkien's Gedling - 1914: The Birth Of A Legend is a book written by Andrew H. Morton about Jane Neave and the Phoenix Farm which inspired J.R.R. Tolkien and was the location in which he wrote The Voyage of Eärendel the Evening Star.

From the back[edit]

In late September 1914, J.R.R. Tolkien, his life in crisis, visited his Aunt Jane's Phoenix Farm in Gedling near Nottingham. The poem he wrote there on September 24th, The Voyage of Eärendel the Evening Star, was the spark that ignited the whole of his later mythology.

Focussing on this single event, Andrew Morton and John Hayes set out to discover more about Phoenix Farm, Jane Neave and the poem. Tolkien's Gedling, which contains over thirty previously unpublished photographs, explores the social changes in Gedling that gave birth to the Phoenix Farm project. It also contains much original material for the Tolkien enthusiast, including the fullest account so far of his influential Aunt Jane, whom many have taken to be the model for his famous wizard, Gandalf.

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