Tolkien's Golem

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Tolkien's Golem
Tolkien's Golem (cover).jpg
AuthorRené van Rossenberg
PublisherVelp: Catharijne Press Miniature Books
FormatSewn. 4to. 65 x 46 mm

Tolkien's Golem, based on a speech given by René van Rossenberg, investigates J.R.R. Tolkien's character Gollum.

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From the author[edit]

In this study Tolkien's most interesting character (Gollum/Sméagol) is compared to the Jewish golem myth and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Published as a limited edition miniature book. Just 62 x 43.5 mm/2x1.5" in measurement, bound in red cloth, with a frontispiece (a portrait of Gollum) by the American artist Gonzai. Limited to 200 copies.

From the publisher[edit]

Is Tolkien's Gollum based on the Jewish Golem? That's the question Tolkien-specialist René van Rossenberg tries to answer. [...]

The frontispiece - a picture of Gollum - is from the American artist Gonzai (Meredith Martini).

Red cloth with paper title shield. Printed by Jan de Jong. Bound by Trijnie Duut. English text.

The text is set in Teff Trinité. Brownred endpapers. Black head- and tailbands. Standard edition is limited to 200, numbered copies.