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Tolkien's Ordinary Virtues

From Tolkien Gateway
Tolkien's Ordinary Virtues:
Exploring the Spiritual Themes of the Lord of the Rings
Publication Information
PublisherCreatespace Independent Pub
Released21 December 2001

Tolkien's Ordinary Virtues is a book by Mark Eddy Smith, containing thirty meditations on the virtues to be found in The Lord of the Rings. An audiobook was made in June 2005 by Blackstone AudioBooks.

From the publisher

In the journey from birth to death, you will be asked to leave behind everything you have known, and to bear what treasure you have to an uncertain end. When the road is invisible, impassable or crowded with foes, the tale of Frodo and his friends offers hope that you will be given the strength and the help you need to keep walking, as well as a reminder that you are not alone.


  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
Part One: Ordinary Virtues
  • I. Simplicity
  • II. Generosity
  • III. Friendship
  • IV. Hospitality
  • V. Faith
Part Two: A Good Beginning
  • VI. Perspective
  • VII. Community
  • VIII. Sacrifice
  • IX. Wonder
  • X. Temptation
  • XI. Failure
Part Three: A New Beginning
  • XII. Atonement
  • XIII. Suffering
  • XIV. Resurrection
  • XV. Humility
  • XVI. Providence
Part Four: Help-Unlooked-For
  • XVII. Trust
  • XVIII. Trustworthiness
  • XIX. Wisdom
  • XX. Hope
  • XXI. Imagination
Part Five: The Good Fight
  • XXII. Submission
  • XXIII. Stewardship
  • XXIV. Courage
  • XXV. Mirth
  • XXVI. Foolishness
Part Six: The Road Goes Ever On and On
  • XXVII. Perseverance
  • XXVIII. Celebration
  • XXIX. Justice
  • XXX. Love
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography