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The deletion policy of Tolkien Gateway is relatively straightforward. There are no strict rules regarding this matter and issues are dealt on a case-by-case basis.

If you believe a page needs to deleted as soon as possible, add the template {{delete}} to the top of the article. If an administrator agrees it will be deleted without discussion; if not, they will likely raise the matter on the talk page or remove the template altogether.

Deletion after discussion

If you think a page is not suited for this encyclopaedia, you can discuss the proposed deletion on the talk page. If there is a consensus in your favour it an administrator will delete the page.

Deletion without discussion

The administrators can delete content, pages, articles and files without notice on the following occasions:

  • Spam
  • Vandalism
  • Copyright violation
  • Duplicate files/pages
  • Articles not in English
  • Obvious advertising or self-promotion
  • When a copyright-holder has requested we remove their material
  • When an administrator confidently believes that a page falls well outside of our notability policy
  • Where content is no longer used or useful (such as former templates and categories)

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