Tolkien Gateway:Policy

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General guidelines[edit]

  • Contribute what you know or are willing to learn about
  • Be bold in updating pages
  • Make omissions explicit
  • Provide an edit summary

Behavior guidelines[edit]

  • Sign your posts on talk pages
  • Avoid profanity
  • No personal attacks (and move personal debates to email)
  • No legal threats
  • Be accountable
  • No offensive usernames
  • Don't bite the newcomers
  • Don't create articles about yourself
  • Use your user pages appropriately

Content guidelines[edit]

  • Explain jargon
  • State the obvious
  • Cite sources: point the reader to authoritative references (and list them properly)
  • Verifiability: ensure information cited is verifiable if needed (this does not mean it is "official", rather it refers to others' ability to confirm it exists and is as stated)
  • Avoid statements that will date quickly
  • Stay on topic
  • Make articles useful for readers (and consider the audience in writing)
  • Check your facts
  • Avoid weasel terms (disputed)
  • Avoid self-references
  • Avoid POV phrases
  • Avoid lengthy, separate summaries of movies and books

Style guidelines[edit]

  • Manual of style
  • Don't include copies of primary sources
  • Follow highlighting conventions
  • Consider the context when making links
  • Use subheadings sparingly
  • Use short sentences and lists
  • Avoid one-sentence paragraphs
  • Do not use subpages