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Tolkiennymy is a term coined by Mark T. Hooker. It refers to the lexicological study of place and person's names derived from first world languages.


As a sub section of Tolkien linguistics in general, Hooker says that the word Tolkiennymy "describes a branch of Tolkienian Linguistics which studies the lexicology of place and personal names in Tolkien’s Legendarium derived from, and often intended to be perceived as names in first-world languages. It focuses on the etymology, history, and lore of real-world names used in Tolkien’s works, because as Tolkien noted, the Shire map is 'based on some acquaintance with English toponymical history' (L.250)."[1]

One of the most important texts is Tolkien's own Nomenclature.

One of the goals of Tolkiennymy is to provide readers with an acquaintance with the history of English toponyms used in Tolkien's works.


The word is formed on an analogy of toponymy, the lexicological study of place names.


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