Tolkiens Midgård

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Tolkiens Midgård: en uppslagsbok
Publication Information
AuthorIngvar Svensson
IllustratorSven O. Gripsborn
PublisherSkandinavisk förening för science fiction
ReleasedSeptember 1977

Tolkiens Midgård (Swedish: Tolkien's Middle-earth) is a Swedish-language reference book by Ingvar Svensson, covering the legendarium of J.R.R. Tolkien. The book was published in reaction to the many errors of an earlier Swedish lexicon by Åke Ohlmarks on Tolkien: Tolkien-lexikon.

  • Cover art and interior illustrations: Sven O. Gripsborn

From the back cover

J.R.R. Tolkien's epic fairy tale THE LORD OF THE RINGS has become one of the great literary sensations of our century. In Sweden alone, the trilogy has been sold in nearly 150,000 copies. To many of its readers, the world of Tolkien is more than a fantasy: they read his books again and again and are constantly intrigued by the elaborated geography, history, ethnology and linguistics - often as much as they are intrigued by the fairy tale itself.

In order to provide the many Swedish readers of Tolkien a decent guide in the detailed world of the trilogy of the Ring, Ingvar Svensson, the university professor at Uppsala, has put together the first correct lexicon on the fairy tale world of Tolkien. Inside you find all the words, names and concepts that are encountered in Tolkien's books, collected, explained and equipped with references to the trilogy and other works of Tolkien. Moreover, a special index has been added: of the variations of translated words into Swedish from the same original word, which can be of great help to those lost in the world of Tolkien.

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