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DeathF.A. 489
Amon Rûdh
Physical Description

Ulrad was a member of the outlaw band that Túrin joined.


Ulrad was a friend of the outlaw who shot an arrow at Túrin but was killed when his arrow missed. Túrin was challenged by Ulrad but gave way when Túrin approached him.[1]

After Túrin had become the leader of the outlaws by unintentionally slaying Forweg, the former leader, Ulrad remained as one of his followers. When Beleg was captured while Túrin was away, Ulrad believed Beleg to be a spy and later held a flaming brand as the other outlaws prepared to kill the Elf, although Túrin returning stopped them.[2]

Ulrad travelled with the other outlaws to Bar-en-Danwedh. Although he was one who looked in Mîm's sack and found nothing, he later suspiciously asked the Petty-dwarf why he had been so protective of the sack. Mîm answered him angrily and Ulrad quailed at this words, and Túrin upbraided the timid outlaw for always speaking his thoughts.[3]

Ulrad's fate is not known for certain, but he was likely lost in that stronghold when it was overcome by Orcs.[4]


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