Uppsala Tolkiensällskap

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Logo and heraldic device of Uppsala Tolkiensällskap

Uppsala Tolkiensällskap is a Swedish Tolkien Society. Based in Uppsala, Sweden. It was founded in 1973 and is (as of December 2012) the largest Tolkien Society in Sweden, having about 200 active members. The association is also known as Midgårds Fylking (roughly, "The Phalanx of Middle-earth"; "Fylking" also having the connotation of "Fylke", Åke Ohlmarks's Swedish translation in Härskarringen of the Shire). Uppsala Tolkiensällskap publishes Månrunan ("The Moon rune"), which is not available to non-members.

Uppsala Tolkiensällskap is not a literary association; it rather focuses on social gatherings and events. Unlike many other Tolkien Societies, Uppsala Tolkiensällskap is a secret and private society. Entering the association is only possible upon recommendation by a member.

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