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A Hobbit Gentleman
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I've been a Tolkien fan since the late 1990s, for some 20 years now.

My personal favourite races of Tolkien's Arda are the hobbits and the dwarves. I'm partial towards the shorter, the overlooked and the occassionally misunderstood.

I've been visiting and enjoying Tolkien Gateway for years, but as an actual user, I am new here. Currently, I have no major plans for any projects or revisions on this wiki, but I am open to help anyone with editing articles that are in need of it. Adding references, expanding some things, those sorts of matters.

Best wishes to all.

Articles I've created

These days, Tolkien Gateway is a very comprehensive Tolkien wiki, one I feel I don't really have much to add to, aside from occassional article maintenance. About the only area I could provide more insight and genuine new wiki articles are adaptations of the Legendarium and Tolkien's other works, especially non-English-language adaptations. Here's a few of these that I've covered to date.