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Hi, I'm Kris Kowal. I created, an interactive map of Middle-earth. I'm looking for assistance in cross-referencing the locations on the map with the articles on Tolkien Gateway.

Anyone can create references to Tolkien Gateway (or other references) by helping me populate this Google Docs spreadsheet.

With thanks from KingAragorn on IRC, I've managed to scrape the List of Place Names and automatically generate most of the links! Additions and corrections are welcome. The "Mapped" and "Mappable" columns, when blank, indicate that I haven't reviewed a link for whether it fits on the map.

When you browse the map, there are articles with references and etymology you can traverse on the top-right. If you follow the "comments" or "discussion" link at the bottom of these articles, there is a "MAP" link in the top-right corner of each location's page, which provides a URL that you could in-turn place in the corresponding article on Tolkien Gateway. That's one approach.

Once I can cross-reference article links with my catalog of typonyms, it would be trivial for me to construct a spreadsheet of what map links. This would probably be the first step in constructing an embeddable map badge with a thumnail of each location.

I'm pretty easy to find. My email address is [email protected]. I'm also reachable on the mailing list.

To Do[edit]

  • Create an article for Bert, Tom, and Bill. Refer on Last Bridge