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I am a hardcore Tolkien fanatic, and have been posting on Tolkien message boards since January 2002. Currently I am an active poster on The Lord of the Rings Fanatics Forums (which I think is the best Tolkien community overall on the web by far), where my user name is Ardamir as well.

My essays relating to Tolkien's works on Tolkien Gateway:

Of the Ents and the Entwives

This article tries to gather as much clues about the fate of the Entwives as possible, and while doing so also present some interesting observations about the Ents and the Onodrim in general.

The fates of Amroth and Nimrodel and the properties of Lothlórien

A study of the fates of Amroth and Nimrodel and the strange properties of Lothlórien

The mellyrn: Purpose, origin and nature

This article looks into three aspects of the mallorn-trees which are linked together: what the mallorn-trees were used for, their ultimate origin and their interesting characteristics.

Did the Stoors have 'Big People' blood?

An investigation of the evolution of the Stoors concept in the drafts of The Lord of the Rings and their relation to Men ('Big People')

I am also the creator of and main contributor so far to the Notes on inspirations document on TG, which gathers as much references to Tolkien's inspirations as possible.

Furthermore, audio samples that I have recorded that describe how to pronounce several names in Tolkien's works are also available on Tolkien Gateway. Here is a list of all articles that are associated with an audio sample.

If you have anything concerning my contributions to Tolkien Gateway to comment on, you can contact me by:

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