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Mae govannen.

I am Calond, although you might find me elsewhere on wikis as Kassilon, and in other places as MistQuill.

I am a contributor of several fan wikis. My most frequent wikis on the FANDOM platform are Avatar Wiki (where I have rollback rights) and The Wheel of Time Wiki (both the TV show and the book wiki). I also edit A Wiki of Ice and Fire under the name Vaith. I also contribute to The One Wiki To Rule them All, the counterpart of Tolkien Gateway on FANDOM, as well as The Notion Club Archives, which is a project that expands Arda with the context of both licensed adaptations and fanon.

About me

I am a languages graduate (Germanist & Hispanicist). I taught English in Spain for nearly a year until the pandemic interrupted my placement.

I am somewhat of a latecomer to Tolkien. I have always been a big fantasy fan but read works such as the Chronicles of Narnia, A Song of Ice & Fire, Earthsea, The Wheel of Time etc. before I started Tolkien. I tried to watch the films as a child but I could not get past the Old Forest, but now I am glad to have been mature when I first read the books & enjoyed them for the first time.

I do recognize the base of Tolkien's languages, especially Sindarin, but my focus here is more on the factual and thematic aspects of the Legendarium.