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I am an avid follower of Tolkien lore. I began reading the Lord of the Rings and Tokiens other stoires when I was six and have not stopped. Books in my Tolkien library include:

The Silmarillion

The Children of Hurin

Unfinished Tales- Of Numenor and Middle Earth

The Felloweship of the Ring

The Two Towers

The Return of the King

The Letters of JRR Tolkien

The Peoples of Middle Earth

The Histories of Middle Earth Volumes 1-5

I have also seen all the Lord of the Rings films (Peter Jackson) and The Hobbit-An Unexpected Journey.

Books that I have about Tolkien lore but not written by him include:

David Day's "A Tolkien Bestiary"

The Lord of the Rings "Weapons and Warfare"

All Movie Guides

All the Art of the Lord of the Rings books (Concept art for the Movies)

I also own:

The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition)

The Two Towers (Extended Edition)

The Return of the King (Extended Edition)

Coloured textI have watched the Raplh Bakshi and the Rankin/Bass films, and althought the former is true to the book, I do not like either of them.