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Fudöki attended "Old College", Trinity, in Dublin in the early 1970's and passed in Arts and Letters. Fudöki is my Soto Zen name meaning Unmoving and Immovable Wisdom; two sides of the three sided coin of wisdom. Now retired, and a writer, my life was spent primarily in defence with the (U.S.) Navy and the RAF and later as a pioneer in Instructional Technology and Distance Education at a major University, and the teaching of the same. My wife of 35 years is a retired Organic Chemist.

My main target is grammatical and syntactic cleanup and minor corrections of the same.

Reading all the Tolkien works once more, now fifty years on, is such a joy! My hope is to make what contributions I can to clerically, and perhaps later on, informationally add to this very well done and throughly entertaining project. The reverence for Canon and proper rigour sets this resource apart from the rest and my hope is to pay back in some small way the labours of everyone. Thank you all so much!

Friendly critique and pointers for a neophyte are welcomed and appreciated.