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Hi, I'm a longtime Tolkien fan and student and am glad to be able to contribute to a resource I find very useful!

Various things


I happen to have a full, bus sized, double sided preview poster for the first Lord of the Rings movie (the one that says "Power can be held in the smallest of things") framed as well as normal sized poster of the same.

As of May 2012, I have the following Lord of the Rings LEGO sets:

  • 9469 Gandalf Arrives
  • 9472 Attack on Weathertop
  • 9476 The Orc Forge
  • 9470 Shelob Attacks
  • 9471 Uruk-hai Army
  • 9473 The Mines of Moria
  • 9474 The Battle of Helms Deep

Android and Chrome Extensions

I'm the creator of a simple Android app Middle-earth Name Generator (overview) that generates Elf, Hobbit, Dwarf, Ad√Ľnaic, and Orc names, intended for fun based upon input.

I've also created a Tengwar Transcriber (overview) which transcribes the input so that they're properly encoded via Dan Smith's encodings. In beta right now, drop me a note to get access. Will eventually be on the Android Market.

I'm in process of creating a Chrome extension and an Android app for Helge Fauskanger's Quenya Wordlists (overview).


This is the winning image from War in the North's valentine's day meme competition - created via a screenshot of the YouTube promos of WitN and Google+/Picnik's on-line editing tools.