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-nô and -no are masculine endings in Primitive Elvish which sometimes indicate agentival formations.

Its feminine counterpart was -nê.

-nô was usually suffixed to a word root with or without n-infixion, and produce the word. In a few cases, it seems to be suffixed to a verb stem.

The ending was frequently extended with -ondô.


[edit] Etymology

It is perhaps the masculine version of the adjectival ending -nâ. Definitely it contains the simple masculine ending , -o.

-nô was perhaps related to -rô, another coexisting agentival ending and the two were perhaps sometimes interchangeable, as seen with the alternate forms stabrô/stabnô.

[edit] Examples

[edit] Hypothetical examples

The following examples aren't attested in Primitive Elvish but can be seen in the Quenya derivatives. It's possible that the primitive forms did not contain the ending -nô but could be rather the result of fortification of final D > ND

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