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Is your username after Arya from the Eragon series, it is spelled the exact same way. You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

Actually it's from Game of Thrones. I have read that series by Christopher P. and enjoyed it immensely, but to me, the Arya in the Eragon books was just to distant for me to love. Arya always struck me as a beautiful name, and a name that works on both elves and humans :) Arya

Hi there! I read aforementioned Aryas and loved both with a fervor. Inheritance series came first though. Wisenoob

Do u mean the books came first, or the Arya in it? Arya

The books came first. As for preference, does the elf have a somewhat higher place in me than the Stark girl? Yes.

Arya Drottning (I know it means queen in Swedish, but God that is still a weird last name), as in Eragon and Eldest at least, was my sole most prominent legend for a large portion of my childhood. It is in me to adore a beautiful, distant, strong-willed, and righteous being. A bit unlike you, distance is important to me too. The child in me once shed tears for Galadriel just because she is not single ;) Then of course, with Arya being a name of power to me, when I read into the Stark girl I found many of the similar qualities. The elf is where it all began though. Wisenoob

Hmmm. Distance is a way where you can fill in the gaps with your imagination. I personally do this, but am sometimes disappointed when my imagination runs ahead of me and is more exciting than the real storyline. Like if John Snow isn't Targarian, I will die. Arya 22:24, 5 September 2015 (UTC)

What's the story behind your username? Arya 22:26, 5 September 2015 (UTC)

My username has no story actually, it just so happens no one else is registered with it.

Now, about the literary disappointments...I get disappointed plenty more often than you, to the point of agonizing anger.

To me all the stories out there (even Paolini's, to a lesser degree) regarding elves have gotten their power scales completely wrong. A race that is already gifted, and possessing a life spanning tens of thousands of years, should amass tremendous power and knowledge to do better than falling for infantile mortals and having babies with them and go die. You notice how all these cross-racial / cross-mortality love stories always have elves as females, rather than the other way around? For God's sake life as elven females has to be more than singing and dancing and brooding over their silly unquenchable lust for a lesser race of infants. Base, demeaning tales that only serve some men's sickly fantasy.

Let me just put it this way, If I am Luthien I will have absolute zero interest in romantic relationships with men, stay a friendly but haughty being, drown myself in spellbooks and trainings all day every day, and conjure up a power even the Valars never found to challenge Melkor, and live happily ever after, alone and terrific to behold.

So yes, my personal hell has a special place for the bad blood in stories of Luthien, Idril and Arwen. I'll shatter them and carve them anew so they become stories I actually enjoy reading. Wisenoob

Wow. Ok, so much for all those elven fairytales my dad conjured up to get me to sleep. Yeah, I see what u mean, but Tolkien for his credit was born in a messed up time period and Arya totally shunned Eragon. But there is no boy-elf love (unless u count Legolas, who is separated from his lovers by a million years).

I don't think I'd like the drowning in textbooks, since I've done it already, and found it's not to my liking. I can't imagine what it would be like to stay on earth for a thousand years... That would be sort of sad, watching everything I touch die (asides from my fellow elves, but some of them would probably die too). I would be shocked or sick of it, so I'd probably just marry a human to die anyways. And all the stupid people thought it was true love when it was actually suicide.

Because my little haven would be a utopia and the rest of the world would be in ashes. I would go mentally insane by the fact that i couldn't save everything, and that evil was slowly creeping over my borders. Every day, someone that I've known for centuries would die by an orc's blade. The constant fire in the distance would say the elven world is over, DESPAIR NOW. And I would, secretly inside, and lose all dreams, hopes, wonder that make life what it was.

Do you have any recommendations on books?!? Dying from lack of fiction here!!!

Will imagine you as Luthien from this point forth Arya 01:23, 17 September 2015 (UTC)

Sorry if that sounded a little tiny bit dark ;) Arya 01:28, 17 September 2015 (UTC)

Books to recommend? Fantasy-wise I haven't read much recently, I tried to pick up Wheel of Time at some point but gave up. Recently I read The Metamorphosis, Memoirs of a Geisha, and some re-reads of 1984 and Brave New World. No particular characters I liked, but today I'm dwelling on the name Arien Urwendi. Uttering it gives me a renewed strength.

I may be the Luthien in you? Color me extremely flattered. I'll aspire in becoming a better Luthien in ways Tolkien (and his wife apparently) never knew.

By saying dark, are you referring to your entire comment, or Luthien's hair and garments? (I'll assume the former.)

Never feel sorry in either case. As a child I was once afraid of dark, I couldn't sleep alone very well because being alone in the dark meant something silly (but dreadful at the time) I watched or read would haunt me.

Then the dark haired, nightly Arya came along. And in her reverence I started to appreciate the physical dark around me, my solitude, and a form of deep beauty unearthly, untouched and unruly. It was more than enough to dispel my fear. Not that my love for radiant things had been diminished, but to me dark has been stripped of its negative associations. I'll take it as a compliment any time.

As for the grievances of being an immortal, I'll point out something for you (a restatement really).

In Tolkien's world, character power is horribly constant. They hold on to the same skill and energy level from day one to day eleventy million; thus an immortal's power is little more than a mortal with a thousandth of knowledge and experience.

Of course this becomes utter and complete nonsense when any common sense is applied; no elf's power, however sloth and imbecile some specimen might be, will remain constant a hundred years later. Their skillset will grow as their dominance over less gifted races expands. Their individual intellect and power will blossom through endless discoveries and exercises. Their intellect would become so formidable such that they continue to perceive their surroundings like never before. Perhaps a process to draw strength from the distant stars could be discovered, or a way to breath life and memories into beings that are no more. With an indefinite lifespan and a benevolent will, they are sure to alter whatever withered fate false prophets might say about them, and build a splendor the gods can do nothing but envy, for a god's power is horribly constant!

And lastly, your longings, friendships, artistic tastes, and your beauty, kindness, wildness - in essence, everything about you that's worth living for - are the reason of your being, and no amount of grief will ever change that. Wisenoob 05:57, 18 September 2015 (UTC)

No, I was not referring to her hair color or garments (had almost forgotten about that poem) more to the whole distopia theme I created back there. (I found it extremely weird how Aragorn drew strength from that poem, though I see the resemblance of the two love-lifes)

Grief can conque almost anything. I have discovered though, it has no hold over longing and love. Taste, friendship, wildness, and kindness vanish before Grief. Especially when the death is because of loyalty. And with the elves, they are all massing together to protect their cities, with unquestionable loyalty. I'm not afraid of the dark, but the things that could be hidden in its shadow. For the dark is unthreatening without any way to threaten.

I agree that the elven powers of the characters are frustratingly constant, but they are supposed to be the root of the story, and have to be strong constantly. For instance, (I really apologize for using a movie reference!) when Borimir died, do u remember Legolas wearing his weird smile/concern face?! I mean, Aragorn was down on his knees, and he stands to a side, looking at them with a thoughtfu expression, as if he wasn't a witness to one of the most saddening scenes in the movie! That is a distance that just annoys the heck out of me.

Have you read the "Here, There be Dragons" series? It's all about amazing adventures about someone important, though I won't say who (such a good ending, one of those Ah-ha moments that you didn't see coming, and totally got you off-guard, but on the second read, you can fairly see all the clues).Arya 08:08, 19 September 2015 (UTC)

I haven't read the series you mentioned, but now that you mentioned it I'll be sure to.

In the Legolas example, it may be that you were confusing power with a form of mental resilience, and distance with apathy. Here are my definitions:

Power - a character's ability to accomplish things

Distance - a character's tendency of solitude

Apathy is entirely irrelevant here. A person can be powerful and distant, and still care fervently for others. They may give you the illusion of indifference, as their emotion may be hidden and reserved, but their deeds do not lie. Being distant did not stop Paolini's Arya from serving her people with all her life and might, or shedding tears for the killings she's done to her foes.

You said the elves' power is strong. But to be very frank, I found extremely few of Tolkien's elves to have any real, influential power in them at all, as in actually driving the world forward.

The vast majority of them are so inept they cannot even hold on to what they were given in the beginning. They simply slacked through their daily lives, fought unneeded wars against kin and mortal races, and lamented over their losses. Where's the accomplishment in that? The Silmarillion is, for its most part, a fancified family tree decorated with carnage. The only one or two elves that do had some power at some point, some aspect in their stories? Probably Feanor and Luthien. Pardon me if you think I've missed anyone. Even Galadriel falls into the category of only clinging to what little that remained.

You also said grief conquers almost anything. In my opinion, it gets you beaten up for a while; however after that, time will ease all wounds, and the fortitude of any competent human mind should be enough to rise above it; let alone any elven minds. The formidable ones turn it into strength and purpose renewed.

Outside of my imaginary world I lost my grandpa just last month. In fact it was the first perceived loss of someone dear to me, as he had a large part in my upbringing. I was devastated, my thoughts kept going back to the days I was innocent of such atrocities by fate, and wished I could have stayed there for an eternity, or done better for it to not take place at all.

But when I forced myself to watch my grandma going all hysteric about it, I realized that the original atrocity is actually not the worst; but the one that entails I being consumed by it.

I realized the importance of making peace within myself and facing it all with grace. Dead people do not feel; being able to perceive grief means I am still alive; it means I still have a path ahead of me lightened by my peers and memory of my peers; a path lightened by Arien and Varda.

What become of my grief should be anger towards the cause of miseries; and a desire for grandeur, to become the person I always aspired to be, so it will finally be in my power to stop future miseries from happening. The reason I bought up personal qualities against grief is because they serve as a reminder that I still have many and more things worth pursuing or retaining, and each and every one of them is more beautiful than grief.

So why succumb to grief when colourful things still await you? Wisenoob 03:46, 20 September 2015 (UTC)

Believe it or not, I didn confuse them (I have no evidence of this, but none of the other way either). I thought distance got in the way of showing empathy and sympathy to someone. That's my main reason to dislike it. It doesn't provide any value to either person. The illusion of indifference can be hurtful to some, and deeds that show the inside come less often than u would think.

I don't believe elves are inept. They just don't have the save the world job. They know it can be saved, so they don't interfere. They provide sufficent help, and protect what they know they can. Rome was destroyed because of it's massive size and all the borders that needed defending (among other reasons). It couldn't hold up, so the whole thing collapsed. The Elves avoided a similar situation by being small and spread out, little cities scattered all over. Not conquering everything in sight. What counts as a competent human?

I am sorry for your loss Arya 06:07, 21 September 2015 (UTC)

Thank you!

Regarding distant personalities, if you can't see through the (only occasional) superficial indifference, then perhaps you just needed to get to know them a lil more ;) Due to their verbal understatement, many have a much richer innards than you would think. They might even be more sensitive than others due to having to spend more time digesting their feelings alone. Think Edward Scissorhands.

I can see your point about Legolas, though. Legolas didn't really appeal to me as a particularly charismatic character either. Aside from lack of emotions there just isn't much depth in his lore it seems to me. OK, he's a cool soldier, he runs nimbly and shoots things, he makes friends with the Strider and Gimli. Done. Next character.

But then I could be overlooking things. As you may have noticed now I am rather focused and particular about feminine elven characters; and Tolkien's works aren't exactly rich in them. On the other hand however, they fit immensely in my aesthetic tastes so I could not bring myself to think any less of them. (Have you read Wheel of Time at some point? It seems like there's a lot of strong feminine characters in that series.)

About elven power once more. I was simply disappointed a gifted immortal race didn't fare better. It's true no children of Illuvatar were given the "save the world" job at birth, but elves' aptitude comes closest. Plus, it's the best endeavor to express one's love for his/her surroundings.

Obviously my standards are tremendously higher for elves compared to mortal races; there's only so much one can do as a hobbit, a man or dwarf, as they are no more in a few tens or hundreds of years. Elves, however, could have been so, so much more but simply didn't try hard enough; and for this reason alone many met their undue demise.

I know I would aspire to become a wind of change. Putting all the faith in myself, honing my talents and splendor so I can rise to be the brightest star ever unfading and reach out to all the people in need. Bugging Melian every day for more charms and making fun of my father because he's such an idiot. Wisenoob 14:14, 22 September 2015 (UTC)

Well, of course Legolas doesn't appeal to you much(unless I have wrongly assumed who I am speaking to is a boy... Due apology if I have assumed wrong). He's kinda the hottie in the movie, mainly a trigger for girls to love watching the movie, which totally owned some of my friends... Yeah, horrible but effective method.

Explain this Wheel of Time book to me. I Haven't heard much, asides from something about the author dying before he could finish, and there being 12 books.

I found it weird that we had the shortest life span. Compared to the elves and dwarfs we seem puny almost(and we probably are). I mean, hobbits are basically the underdogs, Dwarves are awesome blacksmiths, and elves... Shoot everything like a boss. And we... Do nothing. I guess one of us took out a dragon, and Aragorn is the most epic character on screen, but that is like two out of two thousand... Can't we have more awesome people that actually affect everything massively? I watch Game of Thrones because of the plot line, because it is the best ever. The gore and everything is starting to get to me (I woke up with a nightmare of my older brothers getting killed again last night), but the plot is so complex, I absolutely love it!

Who is Scissor?? Arya 03:23, 29 September 2015 (UTC)

You got it regarding my gender. (either I was being obvious, or you were good?) I am a young man irl, though prizing many a different things from that of typical young men. Yet you have no trouble picturing me as a (half-)elven girl? I'm so happy ;)

Maybe I went a bit harsh on Legolas in my last comment, IMO he's still more interesting than the grand majority of characters. I watched the Oliphaunt scene numerous times and thought it the best moment in the RotK film (That STILL only count as one!). I was just speaking in my usual Tolkien-hate context then ROFL...

As I've mentioned earlier I didn't dig into Wheel of Time that much (maybe I should), I only read the beginning and thought the character Moiraine very interesting. She's supposed to be the Gandalf in that series. Basically the strongest group of people in the series are called Aes Sedai, wielders of the One Power, and males have been extinct in the group for a long time. I've also heard the author put in a sort of oriental world view in the series, so the protagonist is a transmigrant, and there's a lot of themes about cycles and such.

Men in Tolkien's works are about right power-scale wise. There's no attainment of demigod-like powers in their lifetime, the only way is through Melkor or Sauron's corruption, which made sense to me. In all honesty, they should consider themselves extremely lucky if they could win a duel vs any elf. (Men in World of Warcraft lore, for example, are a completely different story... Just look up Jaina, Medivh, and Aegwynn in wowwiki and you'll get the idea. Not that I play WoW, btw, just wiki times) Hobbits to me made no difference from cozy-living countrymen. Yeah they are supposedly "more resistant to corruption" and all that bull, but who cares?

Dwarves are sort of a less flexible race to me. There's no awe-inspiring beauty in them, and they are supposedly stern in nature. So the exploitable qualities of their characters are rather limited. Sturdiness, fraternity, greed. What else? I heard a lot of people cried about how Gimli was used as comical relief in the LotR movies, but I found it quite alright; since there weren't a lot of diversity to work with in the beginning.

scissor - Just look up Edward Scissorhands the film. He's an artificial man with scissors as hands, that tended gardens and carved ice sculptures for his loved one.

Game of Thrones... IMHO the quality of the TV series seems to be getting worse, and for all we know, GRR Martin could die before Arya Stark comes out and about pwning real people with her leet assassin skillz. Lets hope The Winds of Winter delivers.

The books have been fun reads at least, I'll give them that. The random names of people and places though... I couldn't handle them after a point and they just become bogus. I did enjoy the POVs of Arya, Tyrion, Jaime, Cersei, Sansa (although it is for littlefinger), though cannot say the same about many others. Would like your opinion on any POV characters you paid attention to.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Btw only getting to read your reply every WEEK is killing me slowly ;) Is it school work, or have I been boring you?Wisenoob 14:11, 29 September 2015 (UTC)

School work, sorry. All advanced classes

I love to listen to Bastille and Imagine Dragons ;) they don't sing love songs. Used to love Taylor, but she only sings romance songs about breaking boys' hearts. I lost interest.

Edward scissorhand... All those scratches on his face poor thing.

The Game of Thrones books killed me one year. I kept my distance for a year, then went back, rereading sometimes three times to correctly understand. Tyrion is my favorite. "I am not questioning your honor, merely denying its existence." He does his dark humor perfectly.

Legolas is without a flaw, and that is his flaw as a character. There is nothing about him that makes me want to read more (asides from his mum... Totally wish she was some epic Joan of Arc warrior or something). It makes no story, and he's kinda just the ninth person, who Tolkien have archery skills and good looks to make up for a blank personality. Arya 01:30, 5 October 2015 (UTC)

Yes, my school work is driving me nuts too... Sometimes I wonder just how much less industrious I am than I wanted myself to be. For sure the work's not making me feel any.

I guess the only song I've heard related to the two bands you mentioned is Radioactive... haha. I listen to a bunch of things, extensive list would take a while so I'll be short.

Classical stuff like Chopin...

Some game soundtracks. Particularly Starcraft and Starcraft 2; they are the best instrumentals in my opinion.

Metal bands mainly Within Temptation and Nightwish. Sometimes the vocals are good, most of the times instrumentals.

Don't know what's your opinion on the LotR movie soundtracks, but a lot of them are very repetitive with that cliche melody which made me sick (except the well-formed ones, like "The Ride of the Rohirrim"). I do however for some reason cling to the few Arwen-related songs ("Evenstar" and "Twilight and Shadow"). The singer who sang Evenstar was once an Engineering Science student from my school ;);)

Totally agree with you on the character flaws part. To me, personalities (as any can be a flaw in some situations and a merit in others) and point of views marks the authenticity of a character. The lack of them really makes a character bland. GRR Martin really tries to emphasize it, and that's how his books worked. I'm trying to write something on my own and this would be a very important tip.

Tyrion and Jaime are the best jokers in the series. Heard from a friend of mine that a lot of people dig Dany, but she's just... not fit for a queen to me. It'd be nice if she just worked at a bar and has a Drogo-like boyfriend haha. Wisenoob 03:45, 5 October 2015 (UTC)

I googled this Chopin person. It came up with a pastel painting of a guy (a PASTEL PAINTING!!!) I'm guessing he's not a pop-country singer ;(. I like the mine craft game soundtrack too lol. Listen to Bastille Pompeii (YouTube), and tell me what u think!!! I listened to a few songs of within Temptation and loved it (especially the cover on radio-active; surprise!) added it to my radio list.

I'm playing flute and the keys are killing me. I can't seem to move my fingers fast enough. At least... I think that's my problem... So I practice an hour a day, working on switching notes *sigh.

I have been fiddleing with the tunes on piano until they are almost unrecognizable. The Shire theme is by far my favorite, though the Gondor and Rohan themes both come close. What was the worst played part in the film??? Who's your favorite actor??

Ur writing books too??? OMG!!!! I started one a month ago (after various failed plot lines) and am currently inventing characters (flaws, strengths, soft spots, weaponry, tactics, religion, homeland and so on) my FAV is Astra, who, by choice, can see the future, but every time she does, she loses a bit of her memory, and can't tell what she lost, until someone points it out. The whole group is mainly elves, though they are all children. One is a human, who doesn't belong in Echao. She's from earth, and a portal is opened on the standing stone circles whenever there is no moon in the sky.

I hope Arya will win the throne. I know this is very unlikely, but I kinda want her to not die. The best way to end this book would to have 3 rulers. I'm thinking Snow, Dany, and someone else... Maybe Jaime, but Dany sort of hates him.

Arya 03:05, 6 October 2015 (UTC)

Wow, did you actually just say "this Chopin person"? That's quote and judgment-worthy... JKJK ;)

I listened to Pompeii and thought it is a very relaxing song. No chills though, because most of my favorites are minor toned. Being triple/duple-metered also helps. Check out Gary Stadler's "Fairy Nightsongs" as an example.

Thought you would bring up the Radioactive cover by WT ;)

I have a digital piano that I play time to time unlessoned. I try to learn pieces, but the thing with that is, once I learned the main melody I just slacked off and moved on, so I never get to play a complete piece with fluency.

It's a pity I didn't pay that much attention to hobbits-related music, were you referring to the flute beginning of "Concerning Hobbits"?

Some more top melodies in the sound tracks imo.

Shieldmaiden of Rohan - Starting from 3:48, (Legolas oliphaunt scene)

The Bridge of Khazad Dum - 1:25 to 1:30 (yes I'm serious)

Forth Eorlingas - choir in the beginning

Flight to the Ford - choir in the beginning, again

The End of All Things - choirs and solo up to 1:40

To be perfectly honest I didn't watch the entirety of the films very closely so I might not be in the proper position to say this... But I found most of the Gollum haul a waste of time. People also complained how RotK's ending was way too long, which made sense to me too.

Favorite actor in the films? Probably Sean Bean with all those "one does not simply" memes ROFL... But seriously, when I learned about many of their biographies on IMDB it's hard to take favorites. They are merely normal earthly people with earthly lives. Ian is probably gay, Liv Tyler is a sort-of-punky single mom, and Cate Blanchett is the regular mom I suppose. Christopher Lee was pretty cool, and even had his own band. My condolences for his loss.

About ending of GoT, GRR Martin said it would be "bittersweet", which would definitely mean he's going to cut down some more POVs. But I believe A.Stark will not be one of them. I can see her being a good commander, but a ruler is very different and I'm afraid she's a bit too wild for it. Perhaps an absent-minded chancellor for Bran? :D.

Much unlike Tyrion, Jaime will not rule for sure (Come on, he pissed Tywin off by refusing to take off his white cloak and inherit Casterly Rock!). He's too headstrong and has no taste in any form of undertaking and scheming. All he ever wanted is his sword hand and a loyal gf.

Off to creative writing. Didn't know you are writing things too! Is your studies related to literature in any way?

So there will be a lot of children in your book? Do they go to a school together, or gather in a place like Cottage of Lost Play? Is the universe completely separate from Tolkien's, or connected in some way? What's the time span going to be like, so I get to see their ascent to prominence?

About my literary ambition, it is currently a bit hampered by my lack of vocabs and ability to create complex personalities. I imagine a world of mortals and immortals, but none of the immos are over 300-ish years old cuz that would already be too much of a tip in the power scale. Also because I don't presume I can fill in the shoes of 10000-years-old people... I'm way humbler than Tolkien in that regard. Instead it would be the case that the immortals evolved from mortals only in the last few centuries, and acquired enhanced abilities in other aspects as well.

Starting point of technology is modern thanks to immo scientists >:), and science is pivotal to discovering individual potentials.

Governmental structure should vary from state to state, but I imagine the biggest immo government has a form of oligarchy, controlled by the few oldest people with the most accumulation in everything.

I also hated all those orphans in fantasy. Seriously, do all fantasy writers have parent issues? Are parents really that much a bane to adventurous stories? My protagonist will NOT be a god damn orphan! And her parents aren't just useless decorations. They are also protagonists who do adventures and grow together. Because when you are an immortal being it's hard not to do so.

Another thing I'd really like to do is a graphical series about Luthien with new plots and ideology. Though I'm still noob to Photoshop and it appears to take ages to learn how to draw properly with that thing... Imagine if I have to draw like this (link below), as well as 50 other people consistently in a thousand different poses... The thought of it makes me shudder.

I'll cut here in case you find that too much to read. Wisenoob 05:49, 6 October 2015 (UTC)

To me, I can easily create complex personaties, but killing them off is impossible. It's kinda like making a best friend. This happens to me even with the evils, because I understand why they took the road they did, and that they really actually believe they are right. Are u humbler than Tolkien to say you are humbler than Tolkien. I mean, I get he's kinda a god here, but he didn't bluff his way up. He created people who were 1000 years old, and left 1000 questions left unanswered for each one! He didn't fill their shoes, he left a thousand questions for readers of his works.

Yes! Soooo many books are about orphans. That's because the kid would be kept from an AMAZING ADVENTURE if s/he happened to have loving parents. I mean, in Harry Potter, could u imagine if his parents tagged along and just defeated the Dark Lord as Harry watches from the side line. So much at stake!!! See, if the parents are experienced, no adventure for the poor kiddo.

I am very bad at drawing people. My explanation: we have evolved to know when something is wrong with a human, as your life could be at stake. I recognize flaws. I am, however, good at every other thing, epically elves. (No one knows what they really look like, makes easy drawing) Arya 23:58, 11 October 2015 (UTC)

Not just that questions are unanswered, but to me also he wrote immortals using a mortal's mindset. :shrugs:

But then you could argue, who am I to assume what an immortal being's typical mindset should be? And then say maybe I wasn't so humble after all.

BUT then there's also a fine line between valid reasoning and plain subjective opinion, and I strive to obtain the former. In the end though, we all have to assume SOMETHING for our characters don't we. I just wanted the SOMETHING to be even a bit more reasonable.

Aw do all your characters happen to be orphans too? I won't be judging if they are, though ;)

I get the "parents are an impediment to adventure" argument, but most children have them IRL, and I mean to reflect on this aspect of reality. It's an extremely important one, too! For all I know, if they are prohibitive about adventures it would only add extra spice! On the other hand, if they are liberal and supportive they would be awesome friends and mentors.

Plus, It's not that they have to (or can realistically) be present ALL the time. Having parents doesn't mean you don't get to face serious challenges alone.

In terms of drawing, aren't elves just people with refined features and pointy ears? In either case, I'd have to learn a lot. Nearly all the examples are on deviantart, feel free to tell me if there's any style you like.

How far are you on your stories? Tell me more if you like, I'll be sure not to plagiarize haha.

At some point you said your dad once conjured elven fairytales to get you to sleep. Is he a fantasy fan too?

I've actually written some silly pages in my summer holidays. It is a coming-of-age story, and I do have some "good" characters in mind including the main ones, but I'm not very keen on coming up with villains yet. Wisenoob 01:47, 12 October 2015 (UTC)

my main characher's parents are there, but they are kinda not supportive. they also might get killed off by a weredragon or a portal... having trouble deciding.

I have written a whole story and am now doing touch-ups. Ex: do the mean parents get killed by portal mess up, or the dragon on the other side lol. There is no downright evil, but mosdtly tough choices. It's called Will's Wisps.

Parents are definitely an aspect of reality. No one wants reality (duh!). elves are flawless. if u make a mistake on a person, you can say they were born with it. Elves are a totally different story. I don't do computer drawings (mainly as i suck) so not really any advice asides from stay simple. do the details later. i cannot confirm u are self centered. I need more evidence. Arya

Hey you made a reply on Monday :) You had some midterms? Mine are in the next two weeks. But I'm not worried.

Hmm. I'm not sure what you meant by "i cannot confirm u are self centered. I need more evidence", can you explain a bit more?

Let me see if I'm getting it right. So your story is about a band of elven children jumping between different places using portals? Are they just having a bit of fun, or after some quest?

IMO all literature inevitably have aspects of reality in them. As an idiom in my native language says, "Art comes from life and is higher than life." Take the Game of Thrones books as an example, the allusions of historic things are everywhere. The whole story is a derivation of War of Roses, the Dothrakis are taken form Mongolians, the Unsullied from Greek Phalanx, and so on.

Another example could be the "You shall not pass" quote, which makes reference on WWI posters, as Tolkien himself was a WWI veteran.

The graphical series might be a Mission Impossible for me, but I'll start this Christmas to learn drawing things lifelike. I will also come up with a rewritten Silmarillion plot, in which I feel undecided about the characters to include and write about. It will be Doriath centered at least. I'm still blind about many things in the Silmarillion timeline so I'd have to re-read it at some point. Its sentences are so long and connected in funny ways. It's amazing that a 250-page book already contains too many names for me to remember.

I intend for my own story to become a novel. My teen protagonist has cool parents that are helpful and keep a loose watch on her activities. So the bullies have to come from elsewhere :) She acts on a plan of her own, and is not the most popular among kids. Her best friend, though, is the one everybody's after.

I'm also kinda into the etymology used to create names, every writer has a interesting style, but Tolkien's makes the most sense to me. Beautiful yet all at the same time, ANALYTICAL, meaning you can smash terms together like sandwiches and still come up with a fine name (Gil-galad, star-radiance).

Paolini and GRR Martin are, by comparison, less pristine in their approach. I cringe for names like Ajihad, or the title "Khal". Way too obvious.

I will probably give my protagonist the name Visona. It comes not from Winona, but Wiosna, which means spring season in Polish. It's the title to a piano piece, which I misread at first sight.

Did you go through a process when coming up with the name Astra?

Btw, it occurred to me for some time that Paolini's Arya and GRR Martin's Arya are pronounced differently :) Wisenoob 03:20, 27 October 2015 (UTC)

I'm finally done with exams! Time to learn some photoshop skills. The website seems awfully quiet nowadays. Even the Council has no one talking. Wisenoob 02:08, 23 December 2015 (UTC)

Hey Arya! It's been so long. First of all I'd really like to say sorry for I being so whiny about Tolkien and life earlier. I was too into saying whatever and forgot about saying things properly.

How do you like GoT season 6? I thought they totally wrecked season 5 by deviating from the book, but I'm seeing it with a new eye now. Instead of replicating the book plots, now we just have two different stories to follow and that's not necessarily bad. Except Dorne, that one was and still is a trainwreck to me ;) It's kinda fun seeing them continuing to write things that never happened in the book and wondering how they will wrap them up in the end.

School's done for me and hopefully I'm not too lazy to actually do useful things. All the things I've mentioned are still on the agenda. Wisenoob 21:06, 2 May 2016 (UTC)

I'm quite sorry I've been missing from this conversation for so long. I've been occupied with a crazy number of things. Recently found out my best friend is gonna skip her last grade and go to college, which I thought she wasn't doing. I also lost my phone, which held my password to get onto the site to begin with... Which reminded me I barely remembered it. That's my cue that I've been gone too long. In this time I've scratched my story above, and am now co-authoring a massive universe with a friend. This story sorta resembles the Marvel universe, and GoT I guess, in the way that there are about 60-90 characters running around, all with their own plotlines and stories. Don't want to say any specifics, as this is open to all ears, but I think I've finally created something worthy of Tolkien (I mean, the world is gonna explode, there's a race of magicians, shape shifters, ice ages, kid betraying adult hero/caretaker to turn people to stone, mermaids, plasma aliens, 50 foot long chameleons, it's nuts). I'll try to answer everything you wrote later on! I can't even remember that thing with the ~ you do to sign off... -Arya?

Wow. Look who's back :D

I think you can be happy about your best friend going to college, as long as she's majoring something she loves.

Co-authoring a new universe? It's a pity you can't talk more about it here, I'd like to know more on it. Speaking of which, I've read somewhere that the ASoIAF-verse mentioned more than 1000 character names. But for sure many of them are mere names, and I bet ones that actually have at least semi-dedicated storylines don't total 50. What makes the book, however, are the presence of a handful characters, major or minor, that are truly distinctive.

A while ago I picked up "Here, there be dragons" and was a bit unused to its storytelling style, maybe there's too much talking. I also just got a graphic tablet and started drawing practices on photoshop. Envying being able to paint like in this video.

Oh, and signing off is four tildes. Wisenoob 19:41, 18 September 2016 (UTC)

I never go on this site anymore, the only times I've been on are to really write back to you... the whole Tolkien Gateway makes me kinda depressed I guess. There was so much activity, so many people, building this online empire, and then they all departed. Reminds me of the elves almost, crossing the ocean and never coming back. But yes! I'm back XD.

Yeah, I guess, I know that she loves what she's doing, but she's gone SO much of the time... I can't be normal with my other friends, it's like tiptoeing around Pompeii, hoping the gods would make the mountain stop rumbling.

I'm hoping to get it out someday, probably before I graduate college, but it's most likely gonna be out way after... I am hoping 6 years. But I've never wrote up something collaborative really, so it's going to be interesting, and she has this strange habit of suggesting things that I take one look at, that set me off with all these ideas of how it could work. It's amazing, how I can say something like "we need vampires" and then we have a rabies mutation that erodes the brain, and a poor guy named Adrien (RIP). Yes, I realized as soon as I looked at my characters that I had 5 Caucasians and not a single Chinese (long time ago). Now I have evened the score, in pretty much every category I can think of (though Atheist is the dominant religion...). I have made ages vary crazily, and personalities that are everywhere. But I really think what I'm most proud of is that there are so many viewpoints on the situations, an innumerable viewpoints. There is no black and white evil. People who are trying to destroy humanity are trying to save the earth. It's strange, but I can't hate any of the characters I've made, not one in the hundred. There's a girl who got mistaken for a boy by the press, there's a time traveler and an immortal god of age 7, there's a weapon that can change the color of the sun, there's scientists who developed plants that can grow under that sun. There's doubles from other universes.

Yeah... I might have had a college reading level in 4th grade... Sry. Just getting to the end though, that was amazing. I would have never have had guessed their names. A graphic tablet? Interesting. Photoshop is peculiar. I took a class, and I pretty much quit, after seeing some guys photoshop a girl's body to be more "appealing" GoT style...

Gonna watch video Arya 23:33, 20 November 2016 (UTC)

The website's totally quiet yes, I guess kids nowadays don't really care about Tolkien when they have so many other choices and Tolkien scholars aren't exactly the most vocal group out there. Thanks for coming back to the middle-earth barren with no elves and speak to me under a sky unlit with stars, and you're welcome to suggest any other place to chit-chat.

Balancing the cast can be tricky if you take political correctness into account. As some have noted, it's even worse to put in certain groups of people just for the sake of having them, because then the authors stop following their guts when writing and those characters end up bland and/or stereotypical. I didn't look deeply into the Hobbit movies myself, but it's what many people thought of Tauriel as a character.

You sure allotted a lot of time for one book. Maybe you could start with writing short stories and then piece them together later on? because when you have a myriad of characters and settings I feel like it's the only thing to do that makes sense. Are you also into drawing actual maps, or roadmaps to keep track of where and what things happened? Although I guess if you have actual maps for your story, it's going to have a starmap, several planet maps, and many more.

What you have witnessed in your photoshop class wasn't at all representitive of what it does :) Cool kids paint drop-dead stunning things in their spare time and it's very much what I intend to do as well. Speaking of GoT girls, I really find none of them that appealing, except maybe the girl who played Myrcella. And in a world where many of them are explicitly exploited, that actually made digesting the show much easier for me lol.

Wisenoob 06:38, 23 November 2016 (UTC)

Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but I have to disagree with the "website being totally quiet". I'd rather say we have a steady flow of edits (although more editors would of course be welcome!) - please check recent changes. Just spreading some positivity -- see you around! :-) --Morgan 20:25, 23 November 2016 (UTC)

Missed you, Morgan. Agreed, flow of edits is constant, but for me, the highlights always lied along the lines of argumentative debate, as I'm constantly trying to expand my knowledge. Frankly, it has gotten to the point where I check and recheck everything I type, in partial fear of a humanoid of greater knowledge of the books attacking my work. I rather have everything be confirmed, so it doesn't result in myself screwing up the website.

I think we both know who to blame Wisenoob, the light saber blokes are at it again. Hope you enjoyed the movies though, no spoilers for the second, I'm waiting until I can pause on command.

Don't let it deceive you, when I said I have been creating a universe in my spare time, I was not referring to space. More like a series, but, beyond. Think like, 150 books, all the characters know each other and semi-collaborate. But each character's life is told, like Harry Potter, only other characters pop in, like Victor Krum, but those stories are also being explained in a separate series. Only this isn't Harry Potter, it's less shielded, and my co-author and I are constantly drawing inspiration from our lives. I'm actually a pessimist on the concept of life, while my friend is the exact opposite, so while we are still sorting that out, we are beginning a plausible rough draft. It's sorta hilarious because the differences are sometimes so glaringly obvious, like, suicidal thoughts switching mid paragraph into giddy excitement. Revising needed, but eventually I think we'll balance each other out.

You said drop-dead stunning, and off the top of my head, I get this detailed drawing of extremely dead possum. Sweet dreams. Your opinions are still as on-point as ever. But a question for you, are you the one who initiated this conversation? I always assumed you were two separate people, but realized I had no evidence to support the claim. Anyways, signing off for now. Arya