Warlords of the Desert

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Warlords of the Desert
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AuthorCharles Crutchfield
PublisherIron Crown Enterprises

Warlords of the Desert is a supplement (in the series Adventure modules) for Middle-earth Role Playing, 1st Edition.

Cover/Jacket Text[edit | edit source]

This supplement is set in Far Harad's principal seaport, a city teeming with exotic travelers from caravan routes. In the bustling streets of Bozisha-Dar, foreigners suffer at the hands of pickpockets, swindlers, and servants of the Dark Lord. This module features 3 complete adventures. All are self-contained and can easily be used in other locales.

Visit the great cosmopolitan port called the Dar, the jewel of Far Harad. In the Sevet Kovina, the Festival Quarter, traders and rouges from dozens of lands jostle shoulders amidst the revelry. In the Seller's Court spices and silk vie with ivory and animal pelts from Mûmakan for the bargainer's eye. Anything can be bought - for a price! And on the Katedrala, the hill where the mansions of the wealthy stand beneath lush palms, dark schemes and political intrigue seethe among the nobility. Within one ornate palace lurks evidence of the Nazgûl's plan to seize the city.


  • 2 FULL-COLOR MAPS: including a regional map and a map of the city of Bozisha-Dar
  • 3 EXCITING ADVENTURES: a confrontation with thieves in "The Tangled Streets of Bozisha-Dar," a risky rescue attempt in "Bandits of the Eastern Hills," and political intrigue in "Southern Hospitality"
  • DETAILED LAYOUTS: of adventure locations
  • STATISTICS: for Far Haradan warriors, NPCs, beasts, and monsters

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