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Woodridings, or 19 Lakeside Road, was a bungalow owned by J.R.R. Tolkien. It was situated in Branksome, Poole near Bournemouth. He and Edith moved there in 1968 to escape Tolkien's fame in Oxford after his retirement, and lived there until Edith's death in November 1971.[1] The widowed professor moved back to Oxford in March 1972.[2]

The house was sold some time after September 2007 by the person who bought it from Tolkien[1] and subsequently demolished to be replaced with two "superb contemporary houses", which at some point were given the names "Luthien House" and "Beren House".[3]

Various "treasures" recovered from Tolkien's house were put up for exhibition in November 2008.[4]